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Blowing Machine

Bottle blowing machine definition

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-26

A blow molding machine is a plastic processing machine. After the liquid plastic is sprayed out, the plastic body is blown and attached to a mold cavity of a certain shape by using the wind blown out by the machine to make a product.Simple machines, production of hollow container machine carefully, there are two commonly, air bottle blowing machine and hydraulic bottle blowing machine, pneumatic general production within 10 l, and hydraulic pressure is usually more than 10 l consider using, because of his high energy consumption. Explain from broad sense, bottle blowing machines including blow molding machine, blow molding machines, injection machines, and now with more ldpe-g-nvp bottle blowing machine, etc. At present most of the bottle blowing machine or two footwork bottle blowing machine, namely must first plastic raw materials to make bottle embryo, then blowing. Nowadays environmental protection plastic PET material is usually used. 

What is blowing machine? 

Plastic blow molding machine: it is the liquid spray out, after using the machine to blow out of the wind, blowing plastic body attached to a certain shape of the cavity, which made the product, this machine is called a blow molding machine. Also is a kind of bottle blowing machine, hydraulic bottle blowing machine. Thermoplastic resin by extrusion or injection molding of plastic parison tube, hot ( Or heated to softening state) Immediately after, put in split cavity, mold closing ventilation with compressed air within the parison, make plastic parison swell and clingy wall in the mold, the cooling mold release, the products have all kinds of hollow. Blow molding process during the second world war, start small bottles used in the production of low density polyethylene. The birth of the late 50 s, with the high density polyethylene and the development of the blow molding machine, blow molding technology has been widely applied. The volume of the hollow container can amount to thousands of liters, some production has adopted computer control. Suitable for blow molding of plastics such as polyethylene, PVC, and polypropylene, polyester, the income of empty container is widely used in industrial packaging container.This is an internationally recognized standard which acts as a form of guarantee that everything Yosion Machinery does is managed to the highest quality standards.

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Types of blowing machine

A blowing machine, an essential piece of equipment in various industries, encompasses a range of types tailored to specific manufacturing requirements. One such variation is the extrusion blow molding machine, which employs a process involving melting plastic resin and subsequently shaping it into hollow containers by introducing compressed air. This versatile cosmetics bottle blowing machine enables the creation of diverse products like bottles, jars, and toys with remarkable precision and efficiency. 

Another variant is the injection blow molding machine that combines injection molding technology with blow molding capabilities to produce complex shapes seamlessly. Employing this method allows for superior control over wall thickness distribution as well as intricate detailing within the final product design. Additionally, there are stretch blow molding machines designed exclusively for producing PET bottles used extensively in beverage packaging applications due to their exceptional clarity and durability. These machines utilize preforms made from PET resin that are heated and then blown into their desired shape using high-pressure air streams. The blowing machine landscape continues to evolve continuously as manufacturers strive to enhance productivity, improve energy efficiency, and incorporate innovative features that cater to evolving market demands across multiple sectors.

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