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Types, Features And Benefits of PET blowing machine

Types, Features And Benefits of PET blowing machine


What is PET blowing machine?

Two-stage technology machines with six blow moulds operating at around 4000 bottles per hour. The output was increased to 6000 bottles per hour by subsequent mould and cooling development. Two stage PET processing involves: Injection molding. Stretch blow molding is used to blow bottles.

How does a blowing machine work?

The process involves heating and inflating a plastic tube known as a parison or preform. The parison is placed between two dies that contain the desired shape of the product. Once the tube has been expanded by air, its walls become thinner and conform to the mold's shape.

Types of PET blowing machine:

Single Stage Blow Molding Machine

While PET bottle development was happening, a major manufacturer of injection molding machines took the lead on a project to create a machine for producing biaxially oriented PP containers. They soon realized that their prototype machine could also make the new PET bottles and, in December 1975, they unveiled the One-stage ASB-150 injection stretch blow moulding machine specifically designed for this purpose. Known as classic one-stage machines, all subsequent versions of this original Stretch Blow design have been adapted for various PET developments. Its highly adaptable design allows for the production of bottles and jars of all shapes and sizes with ease.

Two Stage Blow Molding Machine

In earlier stages of development, PET tubes were continuously extruded to create performs. A blow molding machine was used to heat and seal one end of the tube, then heat and shape the other end using blow moulding to create a thread finish. This method had a higher output rate of 12000 preforms per hour compared to the previous methods of using 8 or 16 cavity injection moulds. The extruded performs could also be made with multiple layers including barrier materials, but as the number of cavities increased to 32 and beyond, injection moulding took over this process. Injection moulded (IM) necks had better quality and options such as vent slots, making them more desirable. Additionally, IM technology was offered by various companies, providing customers with more technical and commercial choices. Machines using two-stage technology with six blow moulds could produce around 4000 bottles per hour, but subsequent advancements in moulding and cooling increased this output to 6000 bottles per hour.

Integrated Two Stage Blow Molding Machine

The Integrated Two Stage approach involved using conventional injection moulding to create the performs, with an optimized number of cavities to match the required output. These performs were then transferred to a separate blowing machine, also with an optimized number of blow moulds. This method, known as the "integrated" approach, was the first of its kind for PET bottle making. Equipment developers, on the other hand, took a different approach by using a "single-stage" method. This meant that both the injection and blowing processes used the same number of cavities, resulting in a more compact design. This was particularly suited for smaller batch production and resulted in glossy surfaces.

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Features of PET blowing machine

Our PET blowing machine has a unique feature in that it uses a toggle locking system rather than a hydro pneumatic system to open, close, and lock the mould. Compared to the hydraulic system provided by other pet machine manufacturers, this toggle locking system is fully pneumatically controlled. The advantages of this toggle locking system are as follows:

Our pet blowing machine is fully pneumatic and as there is no hydraulic system the problems like oil leakage, less pressure, frequent change of oil seal, etc. Are not there the maintainance required is minimal.

High clamping force which helps in minimizing the parting line in the bottles / jars produced from it.

Machine working is faster resulting in higher production output by 60 to 70% as compared to other machines.

Power saving of up to 45% as compared to other machines.

Benefits of PET blowing machine

The PET blowing machine is an indispensable tool in the manufacturing industry, providing a multitude of benefits that enhance production efficiency and product quality. Firstly, this innovative machine allows for precise control over the entire bottle production process, ensuring consistent results every time. With its advanced technology and automation capabilities, it eliminates human errors and minimizes wastage by optimizing material usage. Additionally, the top blow molding machine manufacturers to produce bottles with intricate designs and shapes that were once deemed impossible. Its versatility empowers businesses to cater to diverse consumer demands while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Moreover, this cutting-edge equipment enhances productivity significantly as it can produce a large number of bottles within a short span of time compared to traditional methods. By streamlining the production process, companies can boost their output without compromising on quality standards or increasing labor costs. In conclusion, the PET blowing machine revolutionizes bottle manufacturing by offering precision control, design flexibility, increased productivity levels resulting in cost-efficiency for businesses across various industries

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