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advantage of yosion's jar bottle preform mould

advantage of yosion's jar bottle preform mould


Our Jar Bottle Preform Mould Advantage:

1,Our wide neck preform mould for Pet jar with optimized exhaust system,Less pressure to reach a faster molding cycle time, Improve the efficiency while reducing the cavity pressure,prolong the preform mold life.

2,The Multi-cavity jar peform preform mould  farewell to high clamping force ,customer can use a small injection machine and reduce the cost;

3,the cooling system of our preform mould is designed according to different preform ,ensure fast cooling and reduce cycle time,improve efficiency.

4,Jar preform mould of 24 cavity hot runner mainfold is 2 floor design,use mirror face CNC drilling,Fulid polishing,ensure material fills into all cavities at same time.ther hot runner is more balance ,less material stress,without dead angle and burr. 

If you have any plan of  PET preform mold for Jar bottle,water bottle ,cosmetic bottle,5gallon bottle or any other PET bottle preform ,or pet bottle blowing machines welcome to contact us .

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