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What is the correct repair method for the automatic high speed blow molding machine

What is the correct repair method for the automatic high speed blow molding machine


The automatic high-speed bottle blowing machine is a kind of machine that uses the wind blown out by the machine to blow and attach the plastic body to a mold cavity of a certain shape. Sometimes there is a problem with the automatic high-speed bottle blowing machine, and it needs to be repaired.

Repair method of automatic high-speed bottle blowing machine. In addition to routinely grasping the fault status, the repairers of the automatic high speed blow molding machine in the workshop should collect "fault repair sheets" and repair records on a monthly basis. Through the calculation, arrangement and analysis of the fault data, the fault frequency and average fault interval period of various automaticpet blow molding machines are calculated, and the fault dynamics and main fault causes of a single automatic blow molding machine are analyzed to find out the faults In order to highlight the key points and take countermeasures, the fault information sorting and analysis data will be fed back to the planning department, so as to organize preventive repairs or improve measures, and it can also be used as the basis for modifying the regular inspection interval, inspection content and standards. the

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According to the calculated and sorted data, calculation and analysis charts can be drawn, such as a single blow molding machine fault dynamic calculation and analysis table is an effective method for the repair team to visually manage faults and other issues, which is convenient for managers and repair workers to grasp various types in a timely manner In the event of a blow molding machine failure, it is possible to have a clear goal when determining the repair countermeasures. the

Through the daily patrol inspection of the maintenance workers of the automatic one step injection blow molding machine and the status inspection of the automatic high-speed blow molding machine, the status information and failure symptoms obtained, as well as relevant records and analysis materials, will be reviewed by the workshop 2l bottle blow molding machine repairman or repair team leader. If there are problems with various types of automatic high-speed blow molding machines, arrange daily repairs in time, make full use of the production space or holidays, and prevent them in advance to control and reduce the occurrence of failures. For some failure signs and dangers, if the daily repairs are unable to bear, it will be reported to the planning department to organize and plan repairs. Generally, the automatic high-speed blow molding machine also needs to carry out daily spot inspection, roving inspection, regular inspection (including accuracy inspection), integrity inspection, etc. through human senses and general inspection tools, focusing on mastering the skills of parts, structures and parts that are prone to failure. Information about conditions and anomalies. At the same time, it is necessary to formulate inspection standards to determine the boundaries of normal, abnormal, and faulty blow molding machines.

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