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Applications of Blow Moulding

Applications of Blow Moulding


Nowdays, many traffic safety products are made from pet blow moulding. These products are often hollow, pieced together by two-piece extrusion. Traffic safety products must be durable, easy to organize by hand, and odor-free. These properties are key to a wide variety of applications. In addition to being lightweight, many traffic safety products are also durable. 

Blow molding was first developed in Syria. The first known application for this technology was in the production of bottles. The blow molding process has many applications, including the creation of hollow products for the manufacturing of everyday items. These products range from commodity items such as water bottles and soda bottles to highly engineered products like gas tanks and electrical enclosures. In addition to water bottles, other products created with this process include shampoo tubes, storage drums, and water cans. You can also create your own custom packaging using Polystyrene. But the most popular use of pet blow moulding is in the automotive industry. Its versatility and flexibility makes it the perfect choice for the manufacture of these products.

Blow Moulding and Its Many Applications

The process of blow moulding involves several steps, including melting, homogenizing, extruding, cooling, and ejection. However, different manufacturing plants may use additional processes, such as heating and cooling cycles, and compounding colorants to improve the final product. Lastly, blow moulding is a low-cost process that can produce high-quality parts in large volumes. The advantages of this process are numerous and are unmatched by any other method.

Another popular form of blow moulding is rotomoulding. Both processes can create hollow plastic products, but rotomolding is a more economical and versatile method. It produces a fully molded product in a shorter period of time, and it is more stable than the former. For example, a blow moulded bottle uses UV-stabilized flash for the outer layer while the inner part is made from virgin polymer.

The first step of the blow moulding machine for pet bottle process involves feeding plastic pellets into the extruder hopper. Plastic pellets are transferred from big bags to raw material silos using a vacuum pump. Then a rotary feeder at the bottom of the silo controls the rate of feeding into the plastifier. The pellets are then conveyed to the extruder hopper through compressed air or vacuum. If this method is not available, it is possible to convey plastic pellets by using compressed air instead.

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Another benefit of blow moulding is that it greatly reduces the amount of “flash,” which is the excess plastic that forms around products. Flash typically requires extra finishing work like sanding or removal of excess plastic. By contrast, with blow moulding techniques, flash is minimal, which means that the products are easier to process, and the turnaround time is much faster. Therefore, you’ll get the exact results that you’re looking for.

Yosion Machinery is a nearly 30-year-old supplier of PET bottle production line, which specializes in the research and manufacture of two-step PET/PP bottle blowing machine and its related PET preform moulds, cap moulds and bottle blowing moulds, and has successfully sold WELLTEC PET special injection moulding machine as an agent, providing one-stop service for the manufacturers of PET plastic bottles.

Over the years, the company has obtained 12 patents with the design and management concept of "energy saving, stable production, high efficiency, low failure and high service", which is a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province. At present, Yosion Machineryt's Yuanyou brand bottle blowing machine has a good brand reputation in more than 100 countries abroad & China . The bottle preform mould, bottle cap mould, blow bottle packaging series mould and plastic bucket mould, which are independently developed by Yosion Mould Brand, have also entered the plastic packaging enterprises all over the world with their reasonable and optimized customized design and service, and have been highly affirmed. At present, the company's new manufacturing plant is in the process of intensive preparations. Yosion Machinery is striding toward the world with a high-profile attitude, and customers around the world are constantly moving towards Yosion. Yosion Machinery is writing a bright future with its business philosophy.

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