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Introduction of bottle blowing machine

Introduction of bottle blowing machine


What is a bottle blowing machine?


The bottle blowing machine is a kind of plastic particles by blow molding process will be made into hollow container equipment, currently more common types include, forming a PP and PE hollow extrusion blow machine, using PET, PC or PP two molding injection stretch blow molding machine, and the newly developed multilayer hollow extrusion blow molding and stretch blow molding.

Nowadays, most of the automatic bottle blowing machine is still the two step bottle blowing machine, that is, we must first make the plastic raw material into the bottle embryo, and then blow it. Now commonly used is the PET material of environmental protection plastic. Blow molding machine: after the liquid plastic is sprayed out, the wind is blown by the machine, and the mold is blown to a certain shape cavity to make the product. This machine is called blow molding machine. It is also a kind of pet  bottle blowing machine, that is, hydraulic bottle blowing machine.

Tubular plastic parison of thermoplastic resin by extrusion or injection molding obtained, while hot, placed in the mold, die immediately after the bottle is filled with compressed air, so that the plastic parison blowing mold and clings to the inner wall, the cooling and demoulding, obtain various hollow products.

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What is the working principle of pet bottle blowing machine?

All in all, the automatic blow molding machine is the automatic intelligent china jar blowing machine manufacturers. At present, the main linear two-step blow molding machine. The entire blowing process is divided into preheating and blow molding. The detailed working principle is as follows:

1. The entire preform transfer

The automatic feeder loads the preform to the gripping position, and the gripping clamp removes the preform and enters the heating oven through the conveyor chain.

2. Pre-heating

The preform enters the infrared tube oven through the transmission chain for heating. The infrared oven has two rows of horizontal red line lamps. The temperature of each lamp tube can be adjusted by the micro-controller PLC. The upper and lower red line lamps are stable at a constant temperature but different in height. In order to keep the bottle diameter unchanged, the bottom of the preform mouth is generally not heated. At the same time, because it is in a high temperature environment, the temperature is cooled through the dispersion tube in the chiller. The temperature from the middle of the preform to the bottom of the bottle is all thermostatically controlled. As the hot gas evaporates upwards, the temperature of the bottom of the bottle is relatively low, otherwise it is easy to cause the bottom of the bottle to be too thin and cause the bottom of the bottle to rupture.

3. Blow into a bottle

The heated preform enters the mold clamping device for blowing. The hot preform enters the mold clamping device to seal the preform. Same as the pre-blowing gas, the stretching rod at the bottom stretches the preform upwards, pre-blowing the gas to a certain degree, blowing at low pressure, and at the same time entering the blowing at high pressure. In a very short period of time, the bottle is instantly formed at one time and the bottle is blown. Before the pre-blowing of the gas, a cold dryer is usually installed. The gas passes through a filter to filter the moisture in the air and the oil in the equipment lubrication. The gas is clean and the formed bottle has no oil smell. In addition, the hot preform in the mold closer will increase the heat of the mold and the temperature in the mold, which will affect both the bottle and the equipment. The chiller will ensure that the temperature of the mold drops quickly and ensure the quality and output of the bottle.

4. Recover excess gas

After the high-pressure and low-pressure gas in the bottle has been blown once, the exhaust of the gas will cause energy waste and increase energy consumption. By installing a gas recovery device, the pre-blowing gas and the blowing gas will enter the gas storage tank through the one-way valve , Can save 25% of energy consumption.

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