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What problems should pay attention to the automatic blow molding machine

What problems should pay attention to the automatic blow molding machine


With the continuous updating and progress of plastic technology, plastic products have become inseparable from our daily life, and plastic products can be seen in various industries. Many people want to buy a fully automatic blow molding machine, also called a plastic blow molding machine, but the name is different. So how to choose a plastic blow molding machine, and what problems need to be paid attention to.

Briefly introduce the principle of pet bottle blow molding machine. After heating the raw material, it is extruded to form a parison, enters the mold, injects compressed air, makes it close to the mold, and finally demolds it to form a hollow product. After understanding the blow molding machine, let's start talking about purchasing a fully automatic blow molding machine.

First, the production demand of blow molding products full hollow blow molding machine automatic

First of all, look at the type of products you want to make, and choose a plastic blow molding machine according to the plastic products you choose. For example, let's take a large blow molding machine as an example! Products that can be produced by plastic molding machine (hollow blow molding machine): buckets, water tanks, roadblocks, trays, septic tanks, etc. Consider how many L volume plastic products you need to produce, and the machines selected according to different production products are also different. , Because when designing and producing machines, the input cost of the china bottle blowing machine manufacturers is also different, and the natural price is also different!

Second. Manufacturers of blow molding machines

This is the most important point in choosing fully automatic blow molding machines! We must first determine the product and communicate with the bottle blowing machine manufacturer. When choosing a manufacturer, you can compare multiple manufacturers. Pay attention to the following points: raw materials, technology, blow molding machine configuration, after-sales, etc. These points are more important.

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1. It depends on the qualification and technical team of the manufacturer. For example, when selecting a large blow molding machine, the manufacturer has high requirements.

2. The accessories of the blow molding machine are also very important. Here is a brief introduction to the auxiliary machines of the blow molding machine. You can take a look and have a simple understanding. It is necessary to ask whether this is the price of the bare metal of the blow molding machine or the price of the complete equipment of the blow molding machine.

3. When consulting with the manufacturer, it is necessary to communicate with the pet bottle blowing machine manufacturer in detail about the basic requirements of the product type, product capacity, and production consumption.

Third, the price of blow molding machine

This is a problem that everyone is concerned about, and it is also an important point in purchasing a fully automatic blow molding machine. As mentioned earlier, depending on the product, the price of the china pet jar machine is different. Because of the machine, various problems will gradually appear in the future production process. Unlike shoes, the surface problems can be seen immediately. So, when purchasing, be sure to plan for the long term!

In fact, for the purchase of machinery such as automatic blow molding machines, the most important thing is the after-sales service and other issues! The perfect after-sale service can make users feel that they are depended on and don't panic! The company conducts on commissioning machines, test machines, etc., as well as follow-up follow-up services, regular return visits, on-site services and certain technical guidance!

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