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Common problems of bottle blowing machine

Common problems of bottle blowing machine


1. Problems with automatic blow molding machine parts. The barrel screw of blow molding machine has been used for a long time, and damage gaps have occurred. There are material dead corners in the gaps. During the production process, the previous batch of raw materials of different colors slipped, resulting in continuous color difference problems in the finished product. In this way, it is necessary to check to see the size of the damage problem, and choose to repair or replace the screw.

2. The problem of raw materials and color masterbatch

Controlling raw materials is the key to solving chromatic aberration. If all new materials are used in full and the parameter temperature is well controlled, the color difference of the finished product caused by the raw materials is basically unlikely. If the recycled materials are added, the finished product will appear due to the color value of the recycled materials and uneven stirring during the mixing process. Color difference problem. If adding recycled materials in production, it is necessary to adjust the addition ratio and stirring time according to the performance of recycled materials to ensure uniform raw materials and reduce color difference of finished products. When using color masterbatch, strengthen the inspection of raw material warehousing; in production, the same product should be produced by the same bottle blowing machine manufacturer, masterbatch and color masterbatch of the same brand as much as possible. If it is necessary to change the color masterbatch manufacturer, do a small sample test, and only after meeting the standards can mass production begin.

The semi-automatic bottle blowing machine needs to manually remove the flashing, while the automatic plastic blowing machine realizes automation and directly produces the finished product, eliminating the need for labor in the middle to remove the flashing. Labor is saved. In the case of the same energy consumption, energy saving and high efficiency. The product is of good quality and the mouth of the bottle is smooth. There will be no overflow after the cover is put on, which improves the qualified rate of the product. Orders will not be lost because of unqualified products, which will damage the company's reputation. Of course, if your company's product demand is small and you are just starting this industry, you can choose a semi-automatic bottle blowing machine.

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Everyone may be very familiar with the bottle blowing machine, which is mainly used to blow bottles. The bottle blowing machine mainly blows plastic particles or softened liquids through certain technological means to become what people need. Bottles, compared with other raw materials, plastic hollow containers are not only light in weight and cheap, but also very high in safety. They can be seen everywhere in our lives, especially in various beverage bottles used at home. It is made of plastic, which brings more convenience to people, but what preparations should people make before using the 2l bottle blow molding machine?

1. Before using the bottle blowing machine, you should carefully check whether the moving parts are firm, and you should also carefully check whether the screws are loose. If so, you should tighten them in time to ensure safety and stability during use. .

2. For places with very strong impact, it is necessary to check whether the belt transmission part is normal and whether there is serious wear and tear. It needs to be replaced and processed, and it is also necessary to add lubricating oil to each part to ensure the service life of the mechanical equipment. longer.

Maintenance of the bottle blowing machine in a certain order can not only ensure the normal production of the product, but also prolong the service life of the machine and equipment. Therefore, regarding the maintenance of the bottle blowing machine, the following maintenance rules must be correctly implemented to improve product quality and productivity.

1. When the blow molding machine fails, it must be repaired as soon as possible. If it can be repaired during power failure or product replacement operation, it will help reduce downtime and will not delay machine production.

2. For the parts that affect the blowing quality of the pet blow molding machine, they need to be replaced or repaired every six months. If there are parts that do not affect the quality of bottle blowing, they can be used for a longer period of time, which can reduce maintenance costs.

3. If it is necessary to repair a large area of the blow molding machine, it is best to choose to repair it together when the glass furnace is being repaired, so as to avoid the shutdown of the blow molding machine during the production process.

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