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How to choose the right bottle blowing machine

How to choose the right bottle blowing machine


What is the reason why the bottle is often blown badly?

If the bottle and the mold are not matched or the bottle is broken with the naked eye, check the pressure of the automatic pet blow molding machine supply? (General air pressure is about 2.0-3.0MPA), if the pressure is normal, check whether the exhaust structure of the mold is opened properly, check whether the temperature is normal, if not, adjust to a suitable temperature.

Check the setting of the exhaust time. If the exhaust setting is normal, if there is an explosion sound every time the bottle is blown, then it can be judged that the exhaust valve is faulty. Please open the exhaust valve to check the condition of the spring box seal, ( Another phenomenon of this kind of failure is the sound of unclean air exhaust). Your best bet is to get another one.

If the tube blank turns white after being baked, lower the temperature or increase the speed. If the tube is not whitish when it is baked, but it is whitish when it is blown out of the bottle, it means that the temperature is low, just the opposite of the previous one.

What should I do if there is excess meat after the bottle is finished? Mainly at the mouth and bottom of the bottle. If there is residual meat at the bottom of the bottle, it is mainly because the temperature of the bottom of the bottle is low and the temperature of the mouth is high. Please lower the temperature of the mouth of the bottle and increase the temperature of the bottom of the bottle. Or appropriately reduce the delayed blowing time. There is meat left at the mouth of the bottle, which is just the opposite of the problem with meat left at the bottom of the bottle.

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After the bottle is formed, one side is thicker and the other side is thinner, sometimes the bottom of the bottle is not in the center, you should check whether the eccentricity of the tube blank is qualified. Adjust the stretch rod to the center of the bottom of the mold. Properly increase the blowing time after adjustment.

For the automatic pet bottle blowing machine, many people who are new to the plastic bottle industry need to know and learn a lot before purchasing, and they need to purchase according to their own needs. The more expensive blow molding machine is naturally the better, but it may not be suitable for you. Because there are many factors involved in the post-production process of the automatic bottle blowing machine, only by finding the right one can it be of the greatest use and produce the best benefits.

For some large manufacturers of beverages, mineral water or cosmetics, because of the large amount of packaging used, it is often integrated with product filling. This type of blow molding machine should choose fully automatic, high-speed, stable and reliable blow molding machines. Machine, only such a blow molding machine will not affect other links in the later production process and affect the overall production efficiency. For some small and medium-sized manufacturers, semi-automatic and two-step bottle blowing machines can be considered. On the one hand, it can reduce the cost of purchasing the bottle blowing machine for the first time, and on the other hand, the production capacity of this type of bottle blowing machine is relatively low. Some are more in line with the needs of bottle blowing machine manufacturers. Because the plastic bottles produced by the blow molding machine are hollow products, if they are piled up in large quantities, it will put a lot of pressure on the storage. For some individuals or family workshops, you can consider using a second-hand blow molding machine at the beginning. The price of this type of blow molding machine is relatively low. As long as you understand the parameters of various aspects before buying, there are still many machines with high cost performance that are worth choosing.

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