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Troubleshooting Solutions for Common Problems of Bottle Blowing by Automatic Blow Molding Machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-14
The automatic operation of the automatic bottle blowing machine does not require manual operation, but the automatic bottle blowing machine will inevitably fail. The editor will share with you the common problems and solutions of the automatic bottle blowing machine based on the common problems of the automatic bottle blowing machine of the market customers. , for your reference. 1. The bottom of the bottle blown by the automatic bottle blowing machine is not full. Reasons: 1. The blowing pressure is not enough. 2. The temperature of the preform is slightly lower during blowing. Air supply 2. Check the working condition of the valve to ensure accurate positioning of air blow 1 and air blow 2. 3. Check the air flow control components of air blow 1 and air blow 2 to ensure the correct setting value and smooth internal flow. 4. Ensure that the mold is on the All ventilation holes are not blocked. 2. Reasons for neck bending: 1. Caused by mechanical operation, the neck is too thick to cause deformation after clamping. Solutions: 1. Optimize clamping structure Hold too tight and the dimensions of the preform must be fixed while it is still hot. 3. Causes of bottle mouth expansion and blowing out of gas: 1. The ambient temperature is too high. 2. The bottom solution for the cooling effect of the oven airflow: 1. Adjust the position of the cooling class so that it can strengthen the thread of the preform. Protect. 2. Optimize the design structure of the cooling plate 4. Reasons for the blue bottom line: 1. Excessive blowing 2. Lack of pressure on the stretch rod Solutions: 1. Set the blowing time and speed 2. Check whether the stretch rod is blocked 5. The bottom is damaged Reasons: 1. The temperature at the bottom of the preform is too low. 2. The position of the stretching rod is too high. Solutions: 1. Adjust the heating temperature at the bottom of the preform. 2. Adjust the position of the stretching rod reasonably. The area has suffered undue stretching, and the surrounding high temperature makes the temperature of the thread area of u200bu200bthe preform too high. Solutions: 1. Ensure that the adjustment of the conveying arm is accurate. 2. Accurate positioning of the preform, while reducing the heating temperature of the thread area and optimizing the structural design 7. Causes of excessive liquid level drop: After the pet container is filled, the solution drops, and the blowing temperature is too high, resulting in the formation of pearlescent phenomenon. Solution: Adjust the temperature of the heating furnace to avoid heating or cold starting. 8. Reasons for bursting: 1. The bottom of the bottle is too thin due to too high temperature. 2. The blowing time is too short. Solutions: 1. Adjust the temperature of the bottom of the bottle. During the process, the gas can not be discharged in a timely manner, and the thin layer of material constituting the bottle wall blocks the vent hole. Solutions: 1. Correctly adjust the mold gap 2. High-pressure air valve controls the airflow 3. Improve the design structure 10. Reasons for bottom wrinkles: The external wrinkle and blowing pressure 1 is not enough, and the stretching rod pushes the material down too much; the internal wrinkling is generally overheated at the head end of the preform or the stretching pressure is delayed at the beginning. Solutions: 1. Ensure that the timing of the blowing 1 on the mold is consistent 2. Do not overheat the end of the preform. 3. Make sure that the delay from the start of stretching to the time of blowing 1 is not too long. 11. Causes of hot bottle: The bottle is overheated, causing the inside or outside of the preform to recrystallize, causing the bottle to burst. Solutions: 1. The stretching time is too long. 2. Lower the position of the cooling plate. Heavy) Reason: 1. The stretching rod is stretched down and up and gradually becomes cold, the material is very thin, and the cooling is accelerated. Solutions: 1. Adjust the hot spot position so that it can solve the main body of the preform 2. Adjust the position of the cooling plate 14. The reason for the eccentricity of the bottom : 1. Problems of conveying and alignment 2. The back door part is not concentric with the bottle. Solutions: 1. Adjust the conveying and alignment of the preform mold 2. The pressure setting of the stretching rod is too low 3. The pressure of the blowing bottle 1 is too high and premature 4 , The setting of the stretch rod buffer is not appropriate. 15. Pearlescent-feet hair Reason: The root is the cold bottle. The direct result of stretching beyond the natural stretch limit is actually that the onlooker structure of the bottle is stretched and torn, and the formed tear points are reflected into visible pearlescent light. Solution: 1. Make sure the bottom of the bottle is in the center 2. Reduce the speed of the blowing machine 3. Blow air 1. The air intake is late, and the stretching rod is in contact with the preform for too long. 16. The bottom clearance is out of tolerance Reason: Exceeding the natural stretching limit Solution: 1. Strengthen the heat dissipation at the bottom of the bottle 2. Heat and cool the whole preform, and raise different temperatures from around the sides 3. Ensure the normal circulation of the mold cooling water
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