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To meet the characteristics of bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-08-26
I make a brief introduction of bottle blowing machine features: 1, by adopting the technology of oil-free air clamping, clamping force, no mold, with double crank joint stress less, no wear and tear, long life and other advantages of 2, USES the seal fly out technology, make it easier for sealing jar and bottle seal, no deformation. 3, USES the PLC computer control, touch screen, easy to operate, reliable, high stability. Bottle blowing machine operation steps: step 1. Place the bottle embryo in embryo bottle container, the conveyer automatic into the bottle embryo positioning device. Step 2. The embryo bottle mouth up bottle embryo automatically loaded into the bottle embryo holder, and then into the drying tunnel. Step 3 after heating, bottle embryo was sent to blow flattening machine, clamping, then successively by the low attenuation, high pressure attenuation, exhaust, finally open mould. Step 4 into the bottle by automatic demoulding system platform from bottle blowing off. Details: http://www. czfmc。 com
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