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Tips for troubleshooting the bottle blowing machine, the bottle blowing machine,

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-09
Blow molding machine is a kind of crystallization of mechanical, electronic control and hydraulic integration. It has complicated electrics, interspersed hydraulic pipelines, various controllers, and various failure phenomena are also strange and different. There are only tens of thousands of parts in the large-scale blow molding machine. If one of the components fails, it will cause abnormalities in the blow molding machine, and there will be problems with the connection of the wires and a little negligence. Large-scale blow molding machines are bulky and are used under conditions of no constant temperature blow molding workshop. The impact of the environment can easily cause failures. For this reason, the problem of difficult maintenance of imported blow molding machines lies in front of us. How to quickly identify faults and hidden dangers and eliminate them in time? I think we should have a high sense of responsibility; secondly, we must strive to master the CNC hydraulic technology, and the practice of repairing the blow molding machine for many years believes that we should read more, ask more, remember more, think more, practice more, and gradually improve our technical level and maintenance. Ability to adapt to various more complicated situations, solve difficult problems, and repair the bottle blowing machine. 1. To read more information about the electronic circuit of the bottle blowing machine, to understand the characteristics and functions of various bottle blowing machines, the electronic circuit system and PC, PLC, PLC; understand the electronic circuit system alarm bottle blowing machine and troubleshooting; understand PC, The meaning of the parameter setting of the blow molding machine of PLC; it is necessary to understand the programming language learning of PC and PLC; it is necessary to understand the action programming of the blow molding machine; because the internal circuit diagram of the blow molding machine controller is quite complicated, the manufacturer does not provide it. Therefore, there is no need to clarify in detail. It is important to understand the role of each part, the function of each board, the destination of the interface, the meaning of the LED light, etc. Nowadays, there are many models of blow molding machine controllers, which are updated quickly, and different manufacturers and different models often differ greatly. To understand its commonality and individuality. 2. Look at the electrical diagram of the bottle blowing machine and the electrical diagram of the digesting bottle blowing machine. For each electrical component, such as contactors, relays, time relays, etc., as well as the input and output of PC and PLC, please indicate one by one on the electrical diagram. 3. To read more about the hydraulic diagram of the bottle blowing machine, and deeply digest it for mechanical and hydraulic wire drawing machines to understand its functions and event sequence. And indicate one by one on the drawing, for example, which solenoid valve is operated to make the clamping? What are the corresponding PC and PLC output and input? It is stated in the picture that this way from electrical to mechanical action, and at the same time, it is necessary to focus on the parts that are closely related to machine and electricity. Now the blow molding machine adopts electro-hydraulic proportional technology, and it is necessary to focus on understanding its role and function. To understand its adjustment methods and adjustment data, the proportional valve current and the corresponding pump pressure in static and dynamic conditions, understanding both electricity and machine, mechatronics, and a variety of skills, so that the ability to solve problems is great.
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