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Tips for purchasing hollow blow molding machines

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-07-19
First of all, you need to look at your own needs when purchasing a hollow blow molding machine. As an indispensable and important step in the molding of plastic products, blow molding occupies an important position in the plastic processing industry. According to relevant experts, the quality of the blow molding machine directly affects the quality and output of plastic products, which requires plastic manufacturers to consider their own actual situation when purchasing blow molding machine products, and only choose machines suitable for their own products. It's the real choice. Now no matter what products are purchased, there are two focuses, one is quality, and the other is price, that is, high quality and low price. The quality of the products of big brands is guaranteed, but the price is easy to be prohibitive; although the products of small enterprises are relatively cheap, the products are prone to some small problems in the later production process, which requires buyers to rely on their own experience and knowledge of the industry. Understand to buy. In fact, as long as you master a few tricks, it is not difficult to purchase the hollow blow molding machine that the enterprise needs in line with its own development. 1. It is very important to choose the right model. 2. The size is just right. 3. The clamping force is strong enough. 4. The injection volume should be good enough. Some engineering plastics require a higher injection pressure and a suitable screw compression ratio design to have a better molding effect. Therefore, in order to make the finished product shoot better, it is also necessary to consider the injection pressure requirements and compression ratio issues when selecting a screw. . In general, smaller diameter screws provide higher injection pressures. Some finished products require high injection rate and rapid injection in order to be stably formed, such as ultra-thin products. In this case, it may be necessary to confirm whether the injection rate and injection rate of the machine are sufficient, and whether it needs to be equipped with accumulator, closed-loop control and other devices. Generally speaking, a screw that can provide higher injection pressure under the same conditions usually has a lower injection rate, and conversely, a screw that can provide a lower injection pressure usually has a higher injection rate. Therefore, when selecting the screw diameter, the injection volume, injection pressure and injection rate (injection speed) need to be cross-considered and chosen. In addition, multi-loop design, hollow blow molding machine can also be used to shorten the molding time with synchronous compound action. In addition, problems in daily work are also a headache for buyers. After-sales problems are solved in a timely manner, and whether there are problems can quickly contact the manufacturer is also the focus of modern buyers. For this point, the press has fully achieved the quality to reassure customers and satisfied customers after sales. Only by ensuring the quality and good after-sales service can we dispel the worries of customers. The above are just some of the daily experience of purchasing hollow blow molding machines. The real purchase should be determined according to the actual situation. When faced with special problems, buyers should ask more, see more and discuss more. Only step by step, step by step, you can choose a good hollow blow molding machine.
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