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The working principle of the blow molding machine and the characteristics of the automatic blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-01
The working principle of the blowing machine and the characteristics of the automatic blowing machine: the principle of the automatic blowing machine and the characteristics of the automatic blowing machine: At present, most of the blowing machines are still two-step blowing machines, that is, the Plastic raw materials are made into preforms, which are then blown. Nowadays, environmentally friendly plastics made of PET are commonly used. 1. The principle of the bottle blowing machine: the blowing process of the bottle blowing machine is divided into two parts: 1. Preheating of the bottle blowing machine: the preform (preform) is irradiated by an infrared high temperature lamp, and the preform (preform) is irradiated The bad (embryo) body part is heated and softened. In order to maintain the shape of the bottle mouth, the preform (embryo) mouth does not need to be heated, so a certain cooling device is required to cool it. 2. Molding of bottle blowing machine: In this stage, the preheated preform (preform) is placed in the blow mold that has been prepared, and high-pressure inflation is carried out in it. Blow and draw the preform (preform) into the desired bottle. The automatic bottle blowing machine completes the two operations of the bottle blowing machine through the operation of the manipulator, eliminating the process of manually placing the preheated preform into the blow mold in the middle. Greatly accelerated the rate of production. Features and technology of automatic blow molding machine: intelligent, reliable, efficient and energy-saving. A. Adopt advanced microcomputer control system with stable performance; B. Conveyor automatically feeds preforms; C. Use infrared lamps for heating, with strong penetrating power, preforms are heated by rotation, orbital revolution, uniform heating, fast and reliable; D. The width and height of the lamps and reflectors in the heating area can be adjusted to suit the heating of preforms with different structures, and there is an automatic temperature exhaust device to ensure the constant temperature of the drying tunnel; E. Every mechanical action is safe Self-locking device, when a process fails, the program will automatically switch to a safe state; F. Each action is driven by a cylinder without using an oil pump, which has the advantages of no pollution and low noise; The air is divided into three parts to meet the needs of different air pressures for blowing and action; H. High-pressure and double-arm connecting rod clamping is used, and the clamping force is strong; I. The operation method has two modes: manual and automatic; J. , Safe and reliable The unique valve position design makes the gas path clear at a glance; K. The production process is fully automated, which has the advantages of low investment, high efficiency, convenient operation, simple maintenance, and safety. L. The bottle body is free from pollution. M. The cooling system achieves the ideal cooling effect. N. Installation and start-up are simple. The time of the three actions is very short, but they must be well coordinated, especially the first two steps determine the overall distribution of the material and the quality of the blow molding machine. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust: the starting timing of stretching, the stretching speed, the starting and ending timing of pre-blowing, the pre-blowing pressure, the pre-blowing flow rate, etc. If possible, it is very good to control the overall temperature distribution of the preform, the bottle The temperature gradient of the inner and outer walls of the billet.
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