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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-17
In a blink of an eye, the scorching heat has passed, and the beginning of autumn has arrived, and the weather has become much cooler. The backlog of orders due to the weather before is also being produced in an orderly manner, and even working overtime, so as not to affect every customer. No, all of a sudden the workshop is much more lively than usual. Every link of design, assembly, debugging, packaging, and delivery is busy but in an orderly manner. The craftsmanship spirit has always been kept in mind by our Jinyi people. It is not only a spirit, an attitude, a belief, and a strength. This spirit and strength make each of us treat everything in our post. They all demand rigorous, meticulous, serious and responsible self, and form a centripetal force, self-realization goes hand in hand with enterprise development. The assembly team pays attention to details, standardizes, and serializes production. The precision of the parts is strict and then strict, so that every link and every bayonet can be interlocked, so that the bottle blowing machine is stable and durable. The debugging team pays more attention to details and pursues perfection. They carefully check every part of the debugged bottle blowing machine, and they do not hesitate to time and energy, adjust the temperature, adjust the parameters, adjust the auxiliary machine, check the machine, and test each kind of product. For possible problems, find out the corresponding solutions, accumulate rich experience, and provide technical support to customers. The sales team, from developing customers to talking about customers, placing orders, tracking orders, and shipping orders, always requires a rigorous and professional attitude. At the same time, it requires itself to continuously learn, broaden its horizons, innovate thinking, accumulate experience, and Combine learning business and communication skills. Never stop the pace of self-improvement, and strive to perfect yourself. Believe in the strength of the team, believe in the strength of Jin Yi, we have been working hard!
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