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The specifications of the bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-08
Specifications have a lot of bottle blowing machine, here introduces its three most main and application scope of the specifications of the most widely, respectively, for the low end of the class, terminal and high-end. This three kinds of specification selling halfway around the world, well received by consumers. Function of low-end class: low price but the basic not disorderly of automatic bottle blowing machine such automatic bottle blowing machine is given priority to with gas idea at present, most manufacturers domestic configuration, machine translation/double mold frame, four mold frame and the rotating disk and so on, its sales object map and to small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses in developing countries is given priority to, occupy about 20% market share. : the class can realize full automation, price moderate single automatic bottle blowing machine according to customer's demand, this kind of machine can still be, configuration of wall thickness controller, automatic pocket devices, g_jie_0909 mould labeling machine and automatic incision machine, etc. , the basic configuration is used at a degree has a name, flexible sales policy. Of collecting enterprise most will be aimed at this level, for capital, sales policy and the factors such as different enterprises famous degree, the price is different. Such a mid-range models about 50% of the automatic bottle blowing machine market share, the relatively poor quality of enterprise according to the market have a rate in day by day. High-end class: automatic bottle blowing production line, profit space is large. This kind of machine from feeding, drying to scrap recycling, crushing reuse, as well as the trademark paste, automatically complete the whole process, and is equipped with a leak tester, mould labeling machine, automatic incision machine, conveyor belt, controlled by the wall thickness controller products thickness distribution, adopt famous brand configuration. With automatic bottle blowing machine to host the entire automated production line, from the plastic raw material to the finished product packing manual manipulation. This kind of product prices more expensive to state-owned enterprises, the powerful consortium and the famous brand enterprise as the main customer, map the entire automatic bottle blowing machine about occupy 30% market share, and continues to rise. Fully automatic production line is the main direction of automatic bottle blowing machine, and various automatic bottle blowing machine manufacturing enterprise profit and the only way to achieve the brand.
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