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The second-hand bottle blowing machine faces a large number of difficult disposal problems.

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-27
For the plastic machinery industry, its survival and development environment itself is in a tense atmosphere, and the second-hand market of plastic machinery is even more difficult. For example, second-hand blow molding machines face a large number of idle problems. There are a large number of new plastic bottle manufacturers in China every year, and there are also a large number of plastic bottle manufacturers unable to survive due to technical strength and market pressure, and many of them have closed down. Behind these closed companies, it means a large number of second-hand blow molding machine resources. The idleness of these blow molding machines is basically not because of quality problems, but because the manufacturers are unable to continue production. It can be said that a large number of blow molding machines are idle, which is a waste of resources. There is no good domestic processing channel for second-hand blow molding machines. Many new plastic bottle companies often dare not buy second-hand blow molding machines with higher cost performance, but buy new blow molding machines with higher prices. The author believes that there are several reasons for the idle situation of a large number of second-hand blow molding machines. First of all, the sales channels for second-hand blow molding machines are limited, and there is not too much information to find and buy second-hand blow molding machines, and it is difficult for buyers and sellers to find each other. Secondly, the evaluation of second-hand blow molding machines lacks a corresponding third-party organization. It is often the seller who gives out relevant parameters, lacking credibility, and it is more difficult for buyers to purchase. Finally, after-sales service for second-hand blow molding machines is also a big problem. Different from the first-hand blow molding machine, the after-sales service of the second-hand blow molding machine will encounter more troubles. Based on several factors, the author believes that the second-hand blow molding machine market has great potential. With the improvement of all aspects, I believe that the second-hand blow molding opportunity will win its own development opportunities.
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