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The processing technology and the advantages of automatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-14
Fully automatic bottle blowing machine processing technology of automatic bottle blowing machines mold is one of the important craft equipment produces all kinds of industrial products, with the rapid development of plastic industry, as well as plastic products in aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, ship and automobile industries such as part of the application, the product is becoming more and more high to the requirement of the mould, the traditional mould design method has been unable to adapt to today's requirements. With the traditional mould design, computer aided engineering ( CAE) Whether in progress, ensure product quality, yield is still in lower capital, reduce labor intensity, has a great winner. Fully automatic bottle blowing machine has the following advantages: high yield ratio: bottle blowing amount per hour 1600 & ndash; — 1800. High cleanliness without pollution. The fruit of the whole block area, to avoid the secondary pollution of the product. Very low yield capital; Compact mechanical structure, not disorderly of heating system, adjustable craft production, greatly reduces the amount of water, electricity, gas, various security measures, all produce a vestige of the thoughts of human capital, capital and governance will sharply lower. Visibility, maintainability, security is good. The whole production process and machine movements can be observed through the transparent window. Easy to manipulate staff at any time to grasp the yield condition and the workings of the machine. High degree of mechanical and electrical integration, mechanical and electrical work closely, right. Highly automated, intelligent, friendly user interface, the user to manipulate simple and then. Reliable PLC control, correct and efficient information feedback network, users by manipulating the screen in a timely manner to understand the status of the equipment operation, alarm information, etc. Automatic bottle blowing machine mould numerical control processing has certain representativeness, and have higher requirements than ordinary products in nc machining. In the processing of the mold, all kinds of nc machining are useful to apply the most is the numerical control milling and processing center, CNC wire cutting processing and the application of the numerical control electric spark machining in the mold nc machining is also very common, the line is mainly used in all kinds of straight wall mould processing, such as the concave and convex die stamping processing, blow molding mould set piece, the slider, in the edm work electrode, etc. For high hardness of mould parts, using the machining method will not be able to process, most of the electrical discharge machining, the other for Angle, deep cavity parts of the mold cavity, narrow slot, etc. Also use edm. And numerical control lathe is mainly used for machining mold stem class scale, and mold cavity or core of rotors, such as bottles, basin of blow molding mold, shaft, disk parts of forging die. In the mold processing, CNC drilling machine also can have progress of the application of machining accuracy and shorten the processing cycle.
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