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The principle of 'five determinations' and 'three filters' of blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-29
The principle of 'five determinations' and 'three filters' of blow molding machine In order to make the blow molding machine work better and ensure the quality of the products produced by the blow molding machine, what should I do when using the blow molding machine? Let's listen to Xiaobian for everyone: Daily lubrication of blow molding machine equipment is an important part of equipment maintenance. Lack of oil in the equipment, deterioration of the grease or the lubricating materials used in the equipment does not meet the requirements will inevitably lead to frequent equipment failures and even damage the accuracy and function of the equipment. From the practice of equipment, we found that many equipment failures are caused by poor lubrication and non-standard lubrication management. Therefore, good equipment lubrication is an important means to reduce, mechanical wear and mechanical failure. According to the practical experience of blow molding machine equipment lubrication technology management, the 'five sets' and 'three filtration' systems of equipment lubrication are proposed to institutionalize, standardize and standardize the daily management of equipment lubrication technology. The content is concise and easy to remember. Over the years, many enterprises have incorporated the 'five-determination' and 'three-filter' systems of equipment lubrication into the standardized management of equipment lubrication, and have achieved remarkable results. The contents of the 'Five Episodes' and 'Three Filters' systems are now introduced as follows for reference by peers. (Get more blow molding knowledge! Please pay attention to the 'Blowing Machine' WeChat public platform, WeChat search Kinggle_song)'five o'clock'Refers to designated points, qualitative, quantitative, routine, personal appointments. Its meaning is as follows: 1. Fixed point: Determine the lubrication position and lubrication point of each equipment, keep it clean and intact, and implement fixed-point oil supply. 2. Quality judgment: The oil, lubricating material and blending oil products used must pass the inspection according to the grease brand specified in the lubrication chart; the lubricating device and oiling equipment should be kept clean. 3. Quantification: On the basis of ensuring good lubrication, implement the daily oil quota and quantitative oil change, do a good job in the recovery and return of waste oil, control equipment oil leakage, and prevent waste. 4. Rule: Refuel, refuel, and clean oil according to the cycle specified by the lubrication chart or card. For oil tanks with large oil storage, sampling and testing should be carried out at the specified time, and the cycle of oil cleaning, oil change, circulating filtration and sampling inspection should be determined according to the quality of the oil. 5. Appointment: According to the provisions of the lubrication chart, the division of labor between operators, maintenance workers, and oilers for the daily refueling, oiling, cleaning, and oil change of the equipment shall be clarified.
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