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The plastic enterprise should aim at the development of the Asian countries

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-08-28
The bottle blowing machine news managers in the United States spoke on the BBS of the personage inside course of study suggests, the plastic enterprises such as China, India and Vietnam should be regarded as the domestic market rapidly developing countries, rather than a low cost production outsourcing. But to do this, we must change thinking. Speakers that are expected to struggle to stand up from the great depression years of growth in the U. S. economy in the next few years will be only about 2-3%, so the more cheap goods into the United States does not make sense. LarryHotaling vocal calls the United States and other A stagnant market & throughout; 。 He said, such as & other; Outsourcing & throughout; This kind of statement has become a history; We should keep pace with The Times. As a Hong Kong GlobalDiligenceLtd consulting company. Company general manager Hotaling said: & other; You can only do some limited to a certain market service, cuts in costs is limited. ” Bottle blowing machine is located in akron, Ohio, vice President of Asia Pacific for consulting company RobertEllerAssociatesLLC Roger Young says, the rapid development of Asian countries are emerging in mobile phones, computers, air conditioning and cars have the purchasing power of the middle class. Asian countries, he says, is in the heart of the city & other; Buy to upsurge & throughout; , including China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Young says, the Chinese government is through for the consumer to buy computers and other products with subsidies, trying to boost domestic consumption growth, promote economic prosperity. On March 7-10 on the BBS in Tampa, Florida, us, about emerging markets in more than one symposium became the focus of attention. Hotaling said, many American enterprise managers in China and India is still regarded as important countries to help them cut costs. He said: & other; I found around the future 1, 2 years of discussion is undergoing significant changes, from a single cost leadership in pay more attention to the future strategic direction. ” ParmeshBhaskaran agreed. As a consulting and turnover AlixPartnersLLP company in Chicago, 'said Bhaskaran, director of the office & other; For small and medium enterprises in the United States, when we talk about & lsquo; Outsourcing & rsquo; A word, basically is to point to in some emerging markets get the lowest price of the product as soon as possible. In my opinion, American companies need to change my way of thinking and ask yourself: how should we develop new markets, efforts to expand business in local? ” Young, for instance, the Chinese government is trying to push the manufacturing in the value chain upstream, began to focus from the traditional toys, shoes and textiles in new areas, such as production and biological polymer composite. With the rising cost of Labour, the molding industry in China will buy a one-off double shot molding machine, rather than in one of the Formosa plastics machine molding parts before, and then on the second machine processing, the popularity of these changes will effectively promote the technology. According to AlixPartners DanFrich, director of the company offices in Philadelphia, said at the moment, China ( A 12% wage inflation) And India ( 20%) Labor costs rise faster than productivity speed. While the United States on the contrary, speed faster than wage increases production efficiency. Frich mentioned AlixPartners outsourcing index at the meeting, according to a survey on emerging markets overall production costs and the cost of the United States. Benefit from the NAFTA agreement, geographically close to the U. S. market, as well as the weak of the Mexican peso, Mexico in competitive U. S. production outsourcing countries at the top. Higher freight costs the main impediment to import products from China and India & ndash; And as the oil price fluctuation has a lot of ups and downs. For example, in 2007 and early 2008, when oil prices soared to $140 ( 955. Nine yuan) A barrel, the cost of a container from China to America's also increased to $6000 ( 40965. Nine yuan) - $8000 ( 54621. 2 yuan) 。 He says, and after oil prices affected by the economic crisis has dropped sharply in the last year, the cost also plunged to $1000 ( 6827. 7 yuan) )
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