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The operation points of the automatic bottle blowing machine, the automatic bottle blowing machine, the operation requirements-

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-21
The application of automatic bottle blowing machine can not only effectively improve work efficiency and time, but also save labor time. The bottle blowing machine is mainly used for bottle blowing machinery and equipment. It can pass plastic particles or liquids through certain equipment It is easy and convenient to make the bottle that people need by blow moulding by the technological means. At present, the fully automatic bottle blowing machine has become an important configuration in mineral water filling production lines such as purified water plants, bottled water plants, and mineral water plants. Precautions before using the automatic bottle blowing machine The automatic bottle blowing machine is mainly used to blow plastic bottles. It can blow plastic particles or preforms into bottles through certain technological means. It is convenient to use plastic bottles of various shapes in life. The blow molding machine is mainly operated by oil-free airbag clamping technology, which not only has a large clamping force, but also has less force in the operation of the toggle, and has a long life. When people use the bottle blowing machine, how should the operation be more simple, convenient, and extend the service life of the bottle blowing machine? 1. When people use the bottle blowing machine, they should carefully check the power supply and control system of the bottle blowing machine, Whether the heating system, etc. are in a normal state, and for the parts that need to be added with lubricating oil, an appropriate amount of lubricating oil needs to be added to ensure the normal use and operation of the equipment. 2. When using the blow molding machine, the mold should be accurately installed on the blow molding machine, and check whether the button is in the correct position, and also need to start, debug or run in accordance with the specified requirements, and make sure The machinery and equipment are running and working under normal conditions. The specific operation steps of the automatic bottle blowing machine 1. When operating the bottle blowing machine, the preform should first be placed in the preform container, and then the conveying device in the machine will automatically enter the automatic positioning device according to the preform , And then put the preform mouth upwards, load it onto the preform holder and send it to the drying tunnel. 2. After heating, the preform will be sent to the blowing and stretching platform for mold clamping. After the low pressure and high pressure blowing and stretching, the gas will be removed, and finally the mold will be opened. Take off the formed bottle.
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