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The market demand for blow molding machines is different

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-05
In the process of rapid development of plastic bottle packaging in the past, the domestic blow molding machine industry is also rapidly rising. The manufacturing and Ru0026D technology of blow molding machines is constantly shrinking with the international advanced level. It should be said that the rapid development of bottle blowing machine enterprises is inseparable from the rapid growth of the domestic economy in the past few decades. At present, the domestic economic situation is facing structural adjustment and deepening reform. Growth in plastic bottle packaging has also begun to slow. The market demand for blow molding machines also began to decline. Blow molding machine companies are facing different market environments and challenges than in the past, and need to be actively improved. First of all, for the domestic and European and American plastic bottle production industries, with the rise of labor costs and economic transformation and upgrading, the needs of the two markets will become more and more convergent. The automation requirements for blow molding machines will become higher and higher, and the production efficiency will also become higher and higher. Therefore, in these two markets, our blow molding machine enterprises should focus on the automatic production technology of blow molding machines. Secondly, for domestic bottle blowing machine companies, in order to ensure the growing market of the company, it must go out and actively develop markets in some developing countries and regions in Asia, Africa and Latin America. For this market, in terms of the demand for blow molding machines, some factors such as the price of blow molding machines will be mainly considered. The low-end blow molding machine market should be excavated from these places.
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