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The innovation of the rotary stretch bottle blowing machine technology

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-02
Rotary stretch bottle blowing machine is set, machine, electricity, liquid, gas four modern high tech equipment, high-speed and efficient molding advantage become the development direction of bottle blowing machine, its market has long been the French SIDEL company monopoly, our country has no high-speed efficient muti_function change, industrialization of rotary stretch bottle blowing machine, development of rotary stretch bottle blowing machine to improve its competitiveness in the market. Dongguan jia hong machinery manufacturing co. , LTD. Combined with more than 10 years of bottle blowing machine research and development technology research and development of ECOBLO® Rotary bottle blowing machine, from into the blank to the bottle automatic completion, with artificial intelligence, control, automation, energy conservation and environmental protection, functional diversification, highlyeffective, forming stabilization efficiency, safe and reliable, suitable for drinking liquid, medical liquid filling liquid containers such as cold and hot filling, high temperature sterilization hot filling of PET, PP and other kinds of packaging container of the stretch blow molding, especially opened up a cost-effective PP material of medical infusion bottle and rinses bottle blow molding equipment precedent, filled the domestic blank, and achieved good economic and social benefits.
It has become necessary for Yosion Machinery to continually cultivate, develop and update their skills to work successfully alongside high-tech.
We humbly ask you to use bottle blowing machine and we guarantee that you would be in a great delight with using the product.
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