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The importance of bottle blowing mould, bottle blowing machine-

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-18
As a very important part of plastic bottle production, the author has talked about it many times before analyzing the cost of bottle blowing molds. However, it seems that it is difficult for us to find an effective solution for the high cost of blowing molds. I have talked about starting from the outside, sharing idle blowing mold resources among manufacturers, and establishing leasing systems to achieve cost reduction. So, starting from the blowing mold itself, is there any way to reduce the cost? First of all, look for alternative materials for the production material of the blowing mold. At present, the bottle blowing molds on the market are mainly made of steel, with reliable and stable quality, but the cost is high. Find a more cost-effective material with the same excellent performance, so that you can effectively reduce the cost. Of course, this is not a simple matter, it requires a lot of energy, research and development and investment. Secondly, changes in the internal structure of the blowing mold. We all know that the shape of the bottle blowing mold on the market is fixed. Every time a new plastic bottle shape is created, the blowing mold must be remade. If you can make flexible changes in the internal structure of the blowing mold. A mold can be changed into two or more blow molding shapes only through milk without structural changes, which will effectively reduce the cost and increase the utilization rate of the mold. We believe that the bottle blowing mould needs to combine the inside and the outside, starting from two aspects, in order to effectively solve the problem of high cost.
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