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The food industry has grown to stimulate bottle blowing machines, industrial transformation

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-08-25
Plastic hollow container with light weight and low price, high security features, widely used in beverage, medicine, cosmetics, food and chemical industry. And bottle blowing machine in our country enterprise more for small and medium-sized enterprises, lack of technical strength, lack of self-development capacity, it is difficult to realize the scale of the technology-intensive production, it is difficult to meet the ever-changing market demand. For the development of bottle blowing machines, equipment, intelligent, digital trend is imperative. Bottle blowing machine manufacturing industry in our country at present the product level, form a pyramid pattern is a lot of low level repeated at the bottom of the products, but less high-end products. , according to data from the national professional bottle blowing machine manufacturing enterprises have nearly 1000, of which more than 300 is not stable, every year, nearly ten percent of the enterprise production or closure. Production and sales of more than one hundred million yuan only more than 10, with annual sales of more than 30 million yuan of less than 30 enterprises, seventy-five percent of export products within the industry is produced by the 30 companies. Bottle blowing machine industry development puzzled with the growing food industry, food and beverage packaging industry is also expanding. Also stimulated the bottle blowing machine industry. The bottle blowing machine industry in China is facing a big problem: a, bottle blowing machine enterprises urgently need to green, environmental protection, quality optimization, the direction of high energy. How will better around the safety, health, environmental protection to the development of bottle blowing machine industry. In severe pollution of the 21st century, only combined with environmental protection, zero pollution, can better will bottle blowing machine industry continue to grow. Second, bottle blowing machine industry are currently focused on taizhou, cangzhou and foshan and other places. Although a small scale, but not enough to compete with the international. Our bottle blowing machine enterprises need to build the brand. Only to build the brand, bottle blowing machine to go abroad, towards the world. Third, secondary utilization of bottle blowing machine. Because the new bottle blowing machine is expensive, second-hand bottle blowing machine of choice for small businesses. But because it is used, the quality can't guarantee, the seller can't provide warranty, so restricted the part of the order. Establish a second-hand bottle blowing machine trading platform is imminent. Now, we are moving into intelligent, digital era, the arrival of the big data, for our future phenomenon of infinite space. For the development of bottle blowing machines, equipment, intelligent, digital trend is imperative. Domestic bottle blowing machine to set up with international standards or industrial standards in developed countries that meet the needs of product quality index system, and implement in the design, manufacture, inspection, installation, debugging, whole process service, etc, for the enormous quantity wide licensing production of key products, enterprises must strengthen quality awareness and quality management. For intelligent bottle blowing machine, is to make the bottle blowing machine can complete more work smarter, reduce the investment of human resources, more convenient plastic bottle blowing process, to bottle blowing machine equipment users with minimal investment for greater returns. For digital bottle blowing machine, is the bottle blowing vendors would need to put in more effort, through the terminal big production data collection, data analysis, make the bottle blowing machine production form the big data, through the analysis of these data, to produce guidance to future production of bottle blowing machine, this will have on the bottle blowing machine and improve the future development has a positive role.
Clouds of yosion bottle blowing machine failures surround the world of pet bottle making machine manufacturers in particular, simply because people don’t pay as much attention to the bottle blowing machine as they should do.
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