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The development trend of automatic blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-12
Fully automatic bottle blowing machine: Regarding the development trend In the development of the plastic bottle packaging industry, it is indispensable that the bottle blowing machine industry is driven. The manufacturing and Ru0026D technology of the domestic bottle blowing machine industry is constantly approaching the international advanced level. It is the development of domestic blow molding machines that benefits from the continuous growth of China's economy. Bottle blowing machine is a machine for blowing bottles. It makes plastic bottles from some plastic raw materials or reprocesses some waste plastic bottles to produce new and clean plastic bottles. With the continuous development of my country's beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry, even in recent years, there is a trend of bursting, and the bottle blowing machine has also developed by leaps and bounds. Plastic hollow containers are widely used in the pharmaceutical, daily chemical and food industries due to their advantages of light weight, low price and high safety, and have attracted more manufacturers to choose blow molding machines to replace the previous bottle making tools. The proportion of high-barrier hollow products in the field of hollow products is increasing, which makes multi-layer blow-molded products not only develop rapidly in the food packaging industry, but also in chemicals, cosmetics, medical and health and other industrial packaging. . Therefore, the development of the blower stems from its excellent characteristics, and it will reach its peak here in the next few years.
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