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The development of blow molding machine technology

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-12
For a long time, my country's blow molding machines are following the advanced technology of European and American blow molding machines. After decades of development, domestically produced blow molding machines have gradually become popular. The domestic bottle blowing machine market is also dominated by a European and American company's bottle blowing machine market. Only the continuous development of the number of blow molding machine companies has gradually saturated the domestic market, and going out of the country to gain foreign market share has become a path that blow molding machine companies must take. It is still very difficult for domestic bottle blowing machine companies to enter the European and American markets. In addition to the weak economy in Europe and the United States, the demand is not strong this year. However, there is a big technical gap between the production technology of blow molding machines in emerging countries such as Africa, Arabia and South America and domestic manufacturers. In addition, compared with the bottle blowing machine companies in Europe and the United States, domestic bottle blowing machine manufacturers also have huge advantages in terms of production labor costs. It can be said that the blow molding machines made in China in these countries are more in line with local needs. Relevant industry insiders believe that in the future, the fully automatic blow molding machine industry will cooperate with the development trend of industrial automation, and the development of technology will develop in four directions: First, the diversification of mechanical functions. Industrial and commercial products tend to be refined and diversified in the context of changing environments, diversity, flexibility and packaging machines have multiple party exchange functions to meet market demands. The second is the standardization and modularization of structural design. The original model that takes full advantage of the modular design can be converted into a new model in a short period of time. The third is intelligent control.
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