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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-08
In the 1990s, discarded plastic bottles were everywhere in many places. Later, with the continuous improvement of domestic waste plastic bottle recycling technology, the army of plastic bottle recycling was spawned, and the recycling rate of plastic bottles has been greatly improved. Now the recycling rate of PET waste plastic bottles has been very high, and even various industries are competing for recycling. The prices of plastic bottle resources are mutually increased. Domestic waste plastic bottle resources are becoming increasingly scarce, which has begun to affect related industries such as textiles and packaging. In fact, we believe that related companies should not focus on the domestic recycling of waste plastic bottles. In some developing countries, such as Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc., their waste plastic bottle recycling technology is still very low. Therefore, the awareness of recycling waste plastic bottles in these countries is generally low, and there are a lot of usable resources. If you can actively enter these markets, on the one hand, the recycling plastic bottle blowing machine will solve the local environmental problems and will be supported by the government, on the other hand, the cost of obtaining waste plastic bottles will be relatively low. Comparatively speaking, there are still opportunities for plastic bottle recycling in these places. Regarding the international plastic bottle recycling, the key issue is the cost of transportation. If it can be well controlled, I believe the prospects are unlimited.
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