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The characteristics of the semiautomatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-08
Semi-automatic bottle blowing machine is simple, safe, and only need a person, do not need special training. Semi-automatic bottle blowing machine is suitable for blowing carbonic acid beverage bottle, mineral water bottles, cosmetics bottles, hot filling bottles and jars. Semi-automatic bottle blowing machine machine features: 1. Blowing 0. 1 - 12 litres of PET bottle ( A 2) 。 2. Using two cavity mould blowing 600 ml bottle production can reach 1000 per hour. 3. Advanced PLC control system, control of time down to zero. 01 seconds. 4. Special air storage device. 5. Using infrared light tube heating, strong penetrating power, bottle preform rotation is heated, orbit, uniform heating, fast and reliable. 6. Different heating tube is equipped with independent temperature control device, ensure the bottle embryo has ideal heating effect. 7. The direction of the heating tube can be adjusted according to different bottle embryo. 8. Just one operation, do not need special training. 9. Simple installation and start-up. 10. Finished product scrap rate lower than 0. 2%.
In the past few decades, plastic blowing machine manufacturers production has increased because of the use of bottle blowing machine.
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