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The bottle blowing machine entered the Miaojia ancient village

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-27
Today, I will take you to the Miaojia Ancient Village in western Hunan. First of all, let's enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Miaojia Ancient Village! Entering the stockade, you will see rows of stilted buildings! It's like being in a picture scroll. We came to the mountain and entered the local Guanyin Cave and walked down the steps. Before we knew it, we reached the belly of the mountain, where the 10,000-year-old stalactites caught our eye. Tick, tick, droplets of water fell on the crystal clear pool, causing ripples! People from all over the world say that this water can cure diseases! Every day, you will meet water collectors who come here! After walking out of Guanyin Cave, we came to the water plant, which was surrounded by layers of terraced fields. Spring is here, and the rapeseed flowers in the terraced fields compete for beauty. The buds on the tree can't wait to stick out their heads, and they are surrounded by peach blossoms. Could it be that this is the real version of peach blossoms in three lives, three lives and ten miles of peach blossoms! The peach blossoms are warm in spring and bloom first, and no one will see the beauty. Enjoy the perfect view and let's get down to business. Lift your hijab and let me see your face! Hey, isn't this the Fuma high-speed blow molding machine? Yes, that's it. It is married to the ancient village of Xiangxi only for one goal: to create more benefits for the owner! I will never disappoint the master's expectations for me! Look: our engineer is carefully positioning it as the sun goes down, and the beautiful boss has prepared local specialties for us, this is not a show! Otherwise you'll be drooling! Now let's take a look at the product, such a beautiful bottle, do you want to pick it up and drink it right away? Don't worry, you can buy it at many domestic airports!
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