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The advantages of automatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-15
Automatic bottle blowing machine in its design and application of the advantages and features: 1. Reasonable design, automatic control, greatly reduces the power consumption and human; 2. Automatic pipe system; 3. Using infrared heat preheating box to preheat tube billet; 4. All automated production technology, the advantages of low investment, quick effect, convenient operation and maintenance, safety, etc. Temperature control is not accurate or temperature deviation, temperature measurement point ( Thermocouple) Installation position is not reasonable, make temperature periodic deviation, with the increase of temperature deviation range, the influence of weight deviation is also increased. At higher temperatures, extrusion cylinder drawing more, in the same operation cycle, increase in the number of shuikou material bottle, product weight. At low temperature, the product weight. When there was a poor contact thermocouple, have similar failures, bad, if the thermocouple is extrusion amount decreases, and below the temperature of the plastic melting point again, motor current increases.
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