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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-09
The three-day Interplas2016 (Thailand International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition) ended on July 11. As a leading company in the bottle-blowing machine industry, Jinyi Machinery fully demonstrated the charm of 'innovation with determination' in the exhibition. It attracted people from the industry to visit and industry media reported that Jinyi Machinery participated in the event. The machine we exhibited this time is the YCQ-2L-4 blow molding machine. This move is based on the needs and preferences of local customers in Thailand, and it can be said to be a good homework. YCQ-2L-4 automatic bottle blowing machine is our company's most stable two-step down-blowing stretch automatic bottle blowing equipment, from one out of two cavities to one out of six cavities, each cavity speed 1000 bottles/hour (500ml), the maximum can be blown 2L, suitable for blowing any shape of carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, large-caliber bottles, high temperature bottles and other packaging containers using PET as raw material. The exhibition site is equipped with a full set of auxiliary machines and related machines, from injection molding machines to blow molding machines to post-packaging machines. The full set of work processes allows customers to more intuitively feel the professionalism of Jinyi Machinery in the beverage machinery industry. Our company has Confidence and strength to provide customers with high-quality machines and good related services. Our technicians explained the working principle of the machine and the whole set of operations to customers in detail. Agents and customers also rushed to take pictures in front of our booth. The atmosphere on the scene was hot and enthusiastic. Many audiences expressed their opinions on the controllability and stability of the simple blow molding machine produced by Jin Yi Machinery. Sex has given a high degree of recognition. Fully feel the charm of Jin Yi Machinery. At this Interplas2016 (Thailand International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition), Jinyi Machinery has received great recognition, showing the high-quality attitude of Jinyi machinery manufacturer. Jinyi Machinery adheres to the quality policy of 'creating high-quality machines and good customer experience' and fulfilling the needs of customers' satisfaction'. It has returned from Interplas2016 (Thailand International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition).
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