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Technical development of blow molding machine, blow molding machine-professional production of machinery

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-22
The PET bottle blowing machine is divided into two types of rotary and linear according to the heating mode of the preform. Rotary blow molding machine capacity, high speed, complex design, the price is also higher. The typical rotary blow molding machine is the French SIDEL SBO series. Our SBO24 blow molding machine production has reached more than 20,000 bottles per hour; the linear blow molding machine is a typical representative of Japanese ASB and Aoki. Generally speaking, this kind of machine design is relatively Simple, but the production will form a bottleneck, it is difficult to exceed 6000 bottles per hour. Temperature control is directly related to the uniformity of plasticization, which is the key to the success or failure of blow molding products. The design and accuracy of the mold and heat flow also determine the quality of the product. The basic equipment for PET blowing and injection in China is currently imported products in the world, especially in high-speed and mass production, domestic equipment cannot compete. It is worth mentioning that, few manufacturers who can produce large-capacity PET hot-fill bottle blow molding machine, it seems that only the ASB repeated blow molding process has achieved satisfactory results. With the rise of aseptic cold filling technology, a new round of battle and the bottle blowing machine market will be opened. Now the one-step blow molding machine in the west has a foothold in the Beijing Huiyuan Juice Factory, but this does not mean that the two steps of the blow molding machine have no chance. The material of extrusion blown hollow container production equipment is more flexible, it can produce PE, PS, PVC, PC containers, a variety of materials, such as product applications are also more extensive. Three-quarters of blow molded products on the market are extrusion blow molded. The crowded blowing method can produce several milliliters of ophthalmic bottles, and can also handle more than 1000 l pallets or ton barrels. At present, China's crowded production equipment for blown hollow containers can fully meet the needs. Take Yaqi as an example. The company's crowded blowing equipment has formed a series, which can produce various blow molding containers under 200 l, and has developed a die label extrusion blow molding machine. The products are widely used in cosmetics, lubricants, research, etc. The function of China's development of extrusion and blowing equipment is not perfect, especially some equipment and various compound functions cannot be produced, such as three equipments widely used in liquid medicine packaging bottles, filling and sealing.
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