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Rotary bottle blowing machine common problems processing method

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-03
Rotary bottle blowing machine has high speed, stability and change the specifications such as a fast easy advantage, our products are very welcome customers, market share has soared. I would now like to rotary bottle blowing machine some common fault, the processing method for the communication with you. Problem a: high pressure solenoid valve cannot effectively closed, resulting in high pressure gas leak. Reason is that there is foreign body between the high pressure solenoid valve sealing ring inside place, most are pieces of plastic. It need to open the sealing ring in the high pressure solenoid valve for cleaning, installation can be normal use. Problem two: when the bottle bottle. The reason is that the bottle can not automatically open or clip bottle finger, the inside of the need to change the fingers nylon pieces. Question 3: billet on the double blank. The reason is that the slab track and brick-discharging wheel clearance is too large, adjust the gap to the right. Problem four: stretch the seal on the lower limit alarm. There are three reasons: low pressure gas pressure is not enough; Two five-way solenoid valve insensitive to work; Relay is damaged. Solution: 1, the guarantee of low pressure gas is 0. 6 - 0. 8MP; 2, change the electromagnetic valve and check and cleaning ( Replacement) Low pressure air filter; 3, replace the relay ( Can be made in the electric cabinet other idle relay instead of) 。 Problem five: mould when open the pallet from the bracket. The reason for this is that deviate from the mold center, rotary die clamp the collision, as long as the adjustment bracket location. Question 6: the blank bottle preform set when not on the jig. Reason is the clamp mouth heart and billet center different heart. Solution: 1, such as the thumbwheel eight gap and jig is wrong is, adjust the thumbwheel location; 2, such as individual fixture and dial the wrong wheel gap is, look for bending guide shaft, if any, will be expected to replace the guide shaft. Question 7: yield significantly lower. The reason is that the heating tube is damaged; Heating lamp switch trip; Convulsions air motor or motor trip. The solution: 1, to replace the damaged heating tubes; 2, check the corresponding switches in the electric cabinet, close trip switch, such as the frequent trip, find a electrician to solve.
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