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Rotary bottle blowing machine characteristics and range of use

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-02
Rotary bottle blowing machine transmission part adopts frequency control of motor speed. Using screw extrusion blow molding technology, automatic temperature control variable frequency speed regulation. The unit electrical, pneumatic, mechanical one, stable performance, simple operation and convenient. Suitable for fruit bottles, beverage bottles, ice pops, hollow plastic products such as the jelly bottle, medicine bottle. In order to facilitate everybody understanding of our factory works, is the product warranty, the warranty scope and after-sales personnel responsible for the announcement is as follows: one, the warranty period, equipment warranty for life, for free warranty for one year since the purchase date, out reasonable charge, guarantee a fee. Second, the warranty scope: the machine accessories in addition to gas injection are within the scope of the warranty. Note: man-made damage or other damage caused by external factors to be outside the scope of warranty. Three: after-sales personnel duty is responsible for equipment installation, commissioning, technical guidance to customers.
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