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[Rotary blow molding machine] Fully automatic rotary pet blow molding machine manufacturer

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-04
The rotary blow molding machine is faster than the linear blow molding machine. It is fully automated from preform feeding to bottle discharging, with high artificial intelligence, energy saving and environmental protection. At present, domestic manufacturers of automatic pet rotary blow molding machines do not There are many, but the technical requirements of the automatic rotary blow molding machine are relatively high. It is mainly the embryo feeding mechanism of the rotary blow molding machine, which is slightly different from different manufacturers. With the growth of enterprise output and the requirement of low energy consumption, the automatic rotary pet blow molding machine is chosen by many large water companies, so how to choose the fully automatic rotary pet blow molding machine manufacturer? 1. See whether the design of the feed structure of the rotary bottle blowing machine is reasonable. The rotary bottle blowing machine is composed of four parts: a blank sorting machine, a heating machine, a host and an electric. Each part can be separated separately for easy disassembly and transportation, suitable for continuous And high-speed production, the blowing direction is forward blowing. The preforms are poured into the storage hopper, and the conveyor belt automatically lifts the preforms to the place where the preforms are sorted. After that, the preforms are neatly arranged on the infeed guide rail, and the arranged preforms are automatically fed into the equipment for heating and conveying by gravity. Automatic control of billet handling, high billet loading efficiency without hurting the preform. 2. Look at the performance of the rotary blow molding machine. The single mold output of the rotary blow molding machine is 1500 bottles/hour to 1800 bottles/hour, and the number of blowing mold cavities is 6 to 24, and even more than 30 cavities can be designed. At present, the single mold 2000 has been achieved in China. The high-speed rotating machine with bottles/hour to 2400 bottles/hour narrows the gap in quality, stability and output of similar foreign products. At present, the single-mode output of Sidel and other blow molding machines can reach 1,800 bottles/hour to 2,000 bottles/hour, and the stability of the equipment has gradually improved. Rotary bottle blowing machine features:    1. Preform heating adopts the heating head at the star wheel to automatically and continuously obtain the preform. The preform that rotates at a constant speed continuously passes through a special heating zone to obtain precise control of heating and temperature. Well-proportioned distribution.  2. The stretch-blow bottle designed with a cam structure has a simple mold base structure and quick access to replacement. At the same time, a gain-locking design is added to make the bottle blow out more evenly. 3. The lightweight heating structure design of cold air and hot air double combination ensures that the preform is heated evenly. 4. The simple cam-linked blank and bottle taking manipulator design makes the bottle taking faster, simple and efficient. . 5. Fully enclosed structure design to avoid dust and other pollution to the molded bottle. The bottle is clean. Summary: The above is a brief introduction to the rotary blow molding machine, and how to choose a fully automatic rotary pet blow molding machine manufacturer. Large water companies are investigating the rotation Manufacturers of rotary blow molding machine should pay attention to many aspects such as the feed structure of the rotary blow molding machine, and cannot ignore the quality of the rotary blow molding machine while pursuing speed.
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