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Reasons for Air Leakage in Automatic Blow Molding Machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-17
Reasons for air leakage in the automatic bottle blowing machine 1. Is the pressure of the sealing cylinder enough? If the low-pressure sealing cylinder is selected, the low-pressure pressure can be kept below 8 kg, and the general water bottle is no problem. But it also depends on the high-pressure blowing pressure. If the high-pressure blowing pressure is too large, the sealing cylinder will be pressed down. If the high-pressure pressure is reduced, it can also be blown into a bottle shape. Try to reduce the high-pressure pressure, or if the high-pressure pressure is too large, the clamping pressure will be reduced. If it is too small, the mold will be opened, and it will also cause air leakage in the seal, which can increase the automatic mold clamping pressure. 2. Whether the sealant is damaged or aligned with the seal, if it deviates from the seal, there will be air leakage. 3. Whether the cylinder block or seal of the sealing cylinder is damaged, if the sealing member is damaged, it can be directly reflected by opening the solenoid valve of the sealing cylinder. 4. Whether the solenoid valve of the sealing cylinder is leaking or stuck or the exhaust is not smooth, these are also the reasons that affect the leakage of the sealing cylinder.
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