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Predict the market prospect of the blow molding machine industry in the second half of 2017

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-08-26
Blow molding machine forecast of market development, in 2017, the industry is now falling into the channel development, completes the market downturn in three years and low thinking development. Automatic bottle blowing machine enterprises, especially export-oriented enterprises should make development planning adjustments and countermeasures. Affected by the financial crisis, the international automatic bottle blowing machine market fell from the third quarter of 2008, north American market fell by 5% in 2008, the European market dropped 17%, the Chinese market rose from 27% in 2007 to 27% to 25%. 2016 years on, is more optimistic. “ As of April, the automatic bottle blowing machine market has fallen by 50%. ” Mao Zhongwen is introduced, the eu market is one of the U. S. financial crisis affect the deepest, automatic bottle blowing machine manufacturers, leasing agent quite a serious shortage of funds. Due to a large number of construction project delay or shut down for lack of capital and reduce the construction project, led to the 2009 automatic bottle blowing machine market demand shrinking fast, sales in the first quarter of 2009 fell by more than 40%, serious area ( The UK) Accounted for 70%, including Russia's former eastern Europe over the same period of the real estate industry development in infrastructure and housing. Chinese automatic bottle blowing machine products in the export side also have such experience, from January to April 2009, the total exports fell by 35%. In April, the Chinese automatic bottle blowing machine overall sales revenue fell 14% year on year, the main sales year-on-year decline in 28. 6%. “ Sharp decline in the historical development of the automatic bottle blowing machine has never been so. Only the domestic market demand is still demand growth of around 10%. ” Mao Zhong said, & other; According to the ministry of economic affairs monitoring, quarterly GDP fell by 1. 4%, down 2 Japan. 1%, down 1 in Western Europe. 6%, Russia's fell by 6%, and the spread of development situation, only in north Africa, the Middle East, South America, Brazil and other regions remain the growth of 2% to 3%, so the automatic bottle blowing machine real economy cannot be affected by the short-term financial crisis the influence of the depth of more than 3 years, pessimistic estimates prepared to 5 years to do. Mao Zhongwen believe that more and more fierce competition, from the current competition trends, automatic bottle blowing machine industry in China must consider how to deal with the financial crisis, in a short period of time to improve its core competitiveness. He stressed that one is how to face the lower product sales price, Paris INTERMAT fair in Paris in 2009, homogeneous product prices fell by 3% to 5%; The second is how to deal with trade protectionism disguised, automatic bottle blowing machine industry trade protectionism in a variety of ways, the main technical standards for products, security, environmental protection, energy saving, financing lease, the two mobile phone recycling and manufacturing control other products into the domestic market; Three is how to establish a convenient service platform; Four is how to ensure the quality of the product.
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