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Plastic caps play a role in the drink

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-08
Plastic bottle packaging is now more and more widely, which leads to the plastic cover is also the important up slowly, plastic cover as to protect the quality of the products have very important effect, can effectively prevent the deterioration of drinks, below small make up to you about. Plastic bottles have two effect, it is a beautiful sex, as an integral part of the plastic bottle packaging, small plastic cap but played the effect that make the finishing point. Second, sealing, with the role of content protection, this also is the basic function of the cap. Today, both light and easy to open the plastic bottle cap is applied to beverage packaging China modern consumers, but also accelerate the development of beverage industry. Close to a popular name for & other; Good honey, feng & throughout; A new type of cap sealing technology, the national utility model patent after the attention of the industry. The current domestic beverage industry competition is intense, a lot of famous enterprises in improving the quality of products at the same time, are turning to plastic packaging. In order to better meet the personalized needs of products, beverage industry at the same time in the plastic bottle caps, up and down a lot of suppliers are introduced a different function and form of plastic bottle cap, so can not only meet the requirement of product, also bring more choice for end user enterprise, plastic bottle cap status gradually emerged. Bottles are widely used to promote the development of bottle blowing machine, in the domestic market, there have been some of these companies, such as dongguang county with parker plastic machinery co. , LTD. , the company is manufacturing in a extrusion rotary bottle blowing machine manufacturers, can produce fully automatic rotary bottle blowing machine, for domestic initiative, the characteristics of its high efficiency, energy saving, easy manipulation, very suitable for less than 1500 ml small plastic bottles of automatic blowing. Multi-layer co-extrusion hollow plastic bottle blowing machine in the field of crowded blowing hollow plastic molding machines in our country is a weak link. Multi-layer co-extrusion hollow products to promote the development of the development of multilayer altogether extrusion hollow plastic molding machines. Internationally, in recent years, the multi-layer extrusion hollow plastic molding machine of the development of fast, while technological progress soon. Layers, a total of extrusion hollow plastic bottle blowing machine is a very promising hollow plastic molding machines. Multi-story hollow blow molding high barrier property products in the hollow products within the territory of the proportion of larger and larger. Multilayer blow molding products not only in the food packaging industry to develop quickly, and in the chemicals, cosmetics, medicine and health care, and other industrial packaging is also growing fast.
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