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by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-13
According to relevant data statistics, the domestic bottle blowing factory about 70% are small and medium-sized enterprises. These enterprises are generally smaller scale, some time is very short. The bottle blowing factory house is short in many aspects, such as research and development and after-sales plate, the production of bottle blowing machine products are basically belongs to the mid-range. In the past, the domestic plastics industry is extensive growth. For the demand of bottle blowing machine, so some low-end bottle blowing machine manufacturers also won the development opportunity. Now, however, companies began to transformation and upgrading, the bottle blowing machine equipment automation requirements more and more high, mid-range bottle blowing machines, the market share is declining. The low-end bottle blowing factory house will form a big shock. Medium and small bottle blowing vendors would face wash dish of risk. For small and medium sized bottle blowing vendors would, though, is now faced with a lot of pressure. But must change the past experience of traditional thinking. Must on the bottle blowing machine research and development investment funds and manpower, efforts in the bottle blowing machine equipment existing defects on continuous improvement, to better meet the market changes. For bottle blowing factory house market is constantly changing, but want to gain a foothold in the market, product innovation is the only immutable
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