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PET bottle and PVC bottle how to distinguish

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-27
Here is transparent bottle, PET bottle and PVC bottles together, if PET bottle shape is divided into two steps, is the first injection molding and blow molding, so every PET bottle is at the bottom of the central has a mouth, take a look at to know. PVC is made of bottle blowing machine bottle blowing molding, injection molding, is required to make so no mouth. So pick up a bottle mouth is PET, not PVC. If mass production and put the bottle steam steaming, after high temperature steam of PVC will become opaque, PET or transparent, this article source xinlong sorting up both recognisable and save trouble, and steamed tag tape will automatically come unglued, with handle gently tear is removed. Bottle is bad to recognize, can only use boiling water or steam steaming, boiling water or steam steamed PVC become opaque, PET or transparent, dropped the opaque selection, PET is pure.
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