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by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-01
Note blow bottle machine parison is wrong injection stretch blow molding of parison only on the same machine & other One-step & throughout; From raw material to the forming of plastic bottle production, high degree of automation, especially suitable for forming large quantities of complex shape of screw thread bottle of small hollow container. Note blow bottle machine is an injection molding machine with blowing mold of the bottle blowing machine combined into one of the equipment. Injection blow molding material widely, forming the bottle of threads of high precision, good sealing products without joint intensity is high, the leftover material cost saving, etc, especially in the pharmaceutical drug packaging bottle industry had great application. Note blow bottle machine is the development direction of shorten the molding cycle, raise the productivity of single machine single mode, reduce the downtime of the mould, increase the speed of blow molding, to optimize the heat transfer system, in order to improve the yield.
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