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How to troubleshoot the blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-04
1. It is necessary to record various related parameters. Focus on recording various related parameters of the blow molding machine after adjustment, such as the pressure parameters of the injection molding machine, the speed parameters of the blow molding machine, and the current, voltage, and rotational speed of the blow molding machine motor. Also note down the status of the relays, contactors, etc. in the electrical cabinet when they are energized and formally processed (on or off), as well as the status of all input and output LEDs of PC and PLC (bright, dark, flashing) or record the screen The upper PC and PLC status (input bit) and (output bit) are 0 or 1, which is very beneficial for future analysis and judgment of faults. 2. It is necessary to record the state of the hydraulic system and also record the pressure of various pressure gauges and the suction-off state of the solenoid valve when the hydraulic system is officially processed or not processed, which is also very helpful for adjustment and judgment. The level of pressure directly affects the function of the blow molding machine. Whether the movement is normal or not, it is very important to record the static and dynamic pressure. 3. Carry a notebook with you, and record the failures that occur every day and how to eliminate them one by one. People's brains tend to forget after a long time. 'Good memory is worse than bad writingWe found that some faults of the blow molding machine often occur repeatedly, and these faults always occur. Just check how they were solved at the time, and the fault can be eliminated in a few minutes, which is fast and good. The company mainly produces automatic blow molding machines
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