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How to ensure that there is no color difference in the production process of the blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-07-29
Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has independently developed and produced equipment for nearly 20 years. It has solved various problems in the production process for customers and accumulated a lot of valuable experience. Many users have different degrees of color difference in the production process, resulting in unqualified products, resulting in A lot of waste, the following will share the reasons and solutions for color differences in the production process. 1. The problem of blow molding machine parts The barrel screw of the blow molding machine has a damage gap after long-term use, and there is a dead angle of the material in the gap. During the production process, the previous batch of different color raw materials slipped, resulting in continuous color difference in the finished product. In this way, it is necessary to check the size of the damage problem, and whether to choose to repair or replace the screw. The screw selected by the plastic machine is the barrel screw of a well-known domestic brand. Each batch of barrel screw requires the quality inspection report of the national authoritative department. Strict ex-factory qualification report, and after intensified experiments in the factory, can be installed and used, which ensures the wear resistance of the barrel and screw. 2. The problem of raw materials and color masterbatch Controlling raw materials is the key to solving color difference. If the new material is used in full to control the temperature of the parameters, the color difference of the finished product caused by the raw material is basically unlikely. chromatic aberration problem. If the production of adding back material, it is necessary to adjust the addition ratio and stirring time according to the performance of the back material to ensure the uniformity of the raw material and reduce the color difference of the finished product. When using color masterbatch, strengthen the inspection of raw material storage; in production, the same product should be produced by the same manufacturer, the same brand masterbatch and color masterbatch as much as possible. If you need to change the color masterbatch manufacturer, do a small sample test and start mass production only after meeting the standards. The press has a complete after-sales service team. Before leaving the factory, all equipment is tested according to customer requirements, and the customer site is simulated to match the raw materials and color masterbatch. Regional after-sales technicians go to the customer for installation, commissioning and training until the customer fully grasps it, and promises to maintain the equipment for life, so that customers can purchase the machine without worries. 3. The problem of uneven mixing of raw materials and color masterbatch. Poor mixing of raw materials with color masterbatch will also change the color of the product. After the raw materials and the color masterbatch are evenly mixed, when they are fed into the hopper through the lower suction material, the color masterbatch is separated from the masterbatch due to static electricity, and is easily adsorbed on the hopper wall, which will inevitably cause the change of the color masterbatch in the blow molding cycle, resulting in color difference. . The most effective way is not to use a suction machine, but to use a hot air dryer, and use the method of manual feeding to prevent the color difference caused by the separation of the toner and the masterbatch. 4. The problem that the temperature of the barrel affects the color difference. In order to reduce costs, some non-standard press manufacturers use inferior heating rings. In production, they often encounter failures due to damage to a heating ring, or the heating control part is out of control and burns for a long time. The temperature changes drastically, resulting in chromatic aberration. Generally, when the heating ring is damaged and fails, the color difference will be accompanied by uneven plasticization, and the uncontrolled long-burning of the heating control part is often accompanied by product gas spots, severe discoloration and even coking. Therefore, it is necessary to check the heating part frequently during production, and replace and repair it in time when it is found that the heating part is damaged or out of control, so as to reduce the probability of such chromatic aberration. 5. Problems when adjusting the production process When adjusting the blow molding process parameters in the production process, try not to change the blow molding temperature, back pressure, blow molding cycle and the amount of color masterbatch added. At the same time, it is necessary to observe the effect of process parameter changes on the color and luster. Professional after-sales training is indispensable, and the production process cannot be adjusted under the leadership of the experience of non-professionals. 6. The quality of the blow molding machine head and the process The machine head of the molding machine adopts high-quality 38CrMoAL, and the heat treatment and tempering adopts extremely strict high standards. The nitriding time is long, and the thickness and hardness of the treatment adopt the highest standards in the industry. Polished to meet the mirror requirements. The mold core adopts high-standard electroplating process, which ensures the quality and color difference of the strip, and perfectly presents the blow molded product. In order to better solve the actual problems of the enterprise, welcome to pay attention to our company's public account and exchange and learn. The road to success is full of hardships and difficulties, but you are not alone. We look forward to cheering you on, walking hand in hand, and embracing the future together.
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