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How to choose a blow molding machine?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-23
With the continuous development of my country's beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry, even in recent years, there is a trend of explosion, and the bottle blowing machine has also developed by leaps and bounds. The traditional semi-automatic blow molding machine is slowly unable to meet the needs of enterprises. The automatic blow molding machine has become the darling of the new era. The automatic blow molding machine can not only effectively improve the work efficiency and time, but also save the time of manual operation. , greatly improving the production efficiency of the enterprise, but the development of automatic bottle blowing machine technology in China is not mature enough, and the technical capabilities of automatic bottle blowing machine manufacturers are uneven. How to choose automatic bottle blowing machine? Feige bottle blowing machine is a bottle blowing equipment. It blows pet plastic crystallization preforms into complete and clean plastic bottles. Fei Ge machinery manufacturer series blowing equipment has high output, stable performance and favorable price. It is worth buying. The following points are for reference: (1) Output: According to the production output requirements of oneself, choose a machine with parameters such as one out of two and one out of four, and buy it according to the manufacturer's parameters. At present, the bottle blowing machine manufacturers with slightly better bottle blowing machine technology on the market produce 2,500 full-automatic bottle blowing machines with one output and two outputs, 4,500 full-automatic bottle blowing machines with one output and four outputs, and 4,500 full-automatic bottle blowing machines with one output and six outputs. 9,000, and the output of one out of eight fully automatic blow molding machines is 12,000. The above output is the actual production output, not the falsely reported theoretical output. (2) Stability: The stability of the equipment is very important. At present, the blow molding machine has a long working time, generally not less than 10 hours. The instability of the equipment for a long time will affect the normal production of the enterprise. (3) Whether it is hot-filled: For hot-filled beverages, the blow molding machine needs a heat-resistant blow molding machine, which has special treatment for the bottle to prevent deformation during the filling process. (4) Price: The price is of course important, but I firmly believe that one price is worth the product. (5) After-sales service: The machine in operation will inevitably have some problems, the after-sales service is thoughtful, and the follow-up parts update ability is strong. (6) Air source: The blow molding machine needs to be used with an air source, because it is full of pneumatic devices. Air compressor and blow molding machine, the combination of the two is very important. They must satisfy each other, so as to avoid insufficient air pressure, or excessive waste of resources, the purpose of maximizing the energy efficiency ratio and saving costs cannot be achieved.
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