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How to adapt to the new environment of plastic products factory is only one way to update

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-26
This year, due to the epidemic and the plunge in oil prices, the profits of plastic products factories have continued to decline! This is the frustration of many plastic product factory operators. With the launch of a new round of environmental inspections, many plastics factories are facing the pressure of rising costs. At the same time, rising labor costs, rising land rents, and inability to raise sales prices are constantly squeezing the profits of plastic product factories; how can plastic product factories adapt to the new environment? This trick is updated to understand? But costs can continue to fall, driven by a new generation of plastic manufacturing technology trends. In the past 15 years, especially in the blow molding of industrial PET bottles, two innovations have had a major impact: 'lightweight' plastic bottles, and the recycling of high-pressure compressed air. Both help improve the energy efficiency of PET blow molding by significantly reducing compressed air requirements. In the past, PET flakes used to produce 500ml water and carbonated soft drink (CSD) bottles weighed between 12 and 14 grams. The compressed air pressure required to blow mold these PET bottles ranges from 365 to 590 psi (25 to 40 bar), depending on the shape of the container. Lightweight is a way to reduce the amount of PET raw material required to produce the bottle, which has been reduced to about 8 grams for the same size bottle. And because the compressed air pressure requirements are reduced, the entire blow molding machine system can save a lot of energy to save costs. Since the early 2005s, compressed air recovery systems have also been used to reduce energy usage for other actions by recirculating high pressure compressed air. Recirculated compressed air can be used to generate pre-blow and blower air, and can also be returned to the plant's other low-pressure compressed air networks. Air recirculation technology is widely used and saves a lot of money for each end user; for example, fully automatic blow molding machines, up to 60% of the compressed air discharged can be repeated in the low pressure circuit of the blow molding machine use. In addition, the series of PET bottle blowing machines produced are more and more automated, and the production efficiency is also getting higher and higher. The blowing part of a blow moulding machine offers many new opportunities for significant energy savings; blow moulding machines can be retrofitted or adopt new blowing technologies that require less compressed air. In addition to the energy saving in the production process of the blow molding machine, the stability of the blow molding machine is also an important aspect of reducing costs. The performance of the blow molding machine is stable, the probability of failure is reduced, and a lot of maintenance costs can be saved.
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