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Hollow blow molding machine molding machine electrical principle

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-07
Bottle blowing machine, also known as hollow blow molding machine, a rapid development of plastic processing methods. Thermoplastic resin by extrusion or injection molding of plastic parison tube, hot ( Or heated to softening state) Immediately after, put in split cavity, mold closing ventilation with compressed air within the parison, make plastic parison swell and clingy wall in the mold, the cooling mold release, the products have all kinds of hollow. Blown film manufacturing technology on the principle and hollow blow molding is very similar, but it does not use the mould, from the perspective of classification of plastics processing technology, molding process is usually included in the extrusion of blown film. Blow molding process during the second world war, start small bottles used in the production of low density polyethylene. The birth of the late 50 s, with the high density polyethylene and the development of the blow molding machine, blow molding technology has been widely applied. Hollow container volume can reach thousands of liters, improve gloss plastic method consists of two aspects of meaning, on the one hand is to improve the plastic products surface gloss, called light modification; On the other hand is to reduce plastic products surface gloss, known as extinction. Brighten up the improve plastic products of plastic surface gloss or finish, specific methods in addition to the reasonable raw material selection, and add a bright way, blending toughening light brightening method, shape control method, forming didn't finish their emergency control, secondary processing brighten up method and lighten the methods of surface coating. 1, reasonable selection of plastic raw material plastic raw material selection is to improve the plastic products surface finish of the most basic factors to choose a good raw material, the glossiness increases; On the other hand, is more difficult. Plastic materials can be divided into two types: resins and additives. ( 1) Resin choice the characteristics of the resin itself had a greater influence on the surface gloss of plastic products, plastic bottle blowing machine is plastic products surface gloss of the most effective way to control. Their influence on corresponding plastic products surface gloss is mainly depends on two in the following several aspects: L resin varieties of different resin varieties corresponding products of gloss is very different, generally considered the following resin corresponding products gloss is better: melamine resin, ABS, PP, HIPS, PA, POM, PMMA, PPO, including two kinds of melamine resin and ABS gloss is most prominent. For the same kind of resin, synthetic methods, corresponding to the resin products gloss is not the same. For example: a, for PP, varieties of different polymerization methods synthesis gloss size is as follows: random copolymerization PP> Homopolymerization PP> Block copolymer PP. B, for PE, three different varieties of glossiness size is as follows: LDPE> LLDPE> HDPEc, for PVC emulsion polymerization of PVC resin of high gloss PVC resin suspension method. D, for PS resin, high impact poly ethylene (stupid 臀部) Gloss is greater than the general purpose polystyrene ( gpp) The characteristics of the resin for the same kind of resin. Its specific characteristics, glossiness is not the same, in the properties of the resin in affecting the gloss characteristics mainly has the following several. A, melt flow rate ( MFR) The greater the average. The greater the glossiness of the corresponding products. B, the influence of molecular weight, molecular weight of influence mainly reflects on the molecular weight distribution width. The wider molecular weight distribution, its corresponding products gloss. This is mainly because broad molecular weight distribution, regularity of the material is not increased. C, bibulous rate is high water absorption resin, the influence of water absorption of greater influence on the gloss of its corresponding products. Such as molecule containing ester ( - COOR) And phthalein amino ( - CONH2) PA, PI, PSF and PC, etc. , such as not to dry or dry thoroughly, will produce the products surface ripples, bubble, silver, markings, defects such as MAO, so that the garment surface gloss. ( 2) The selection of the additives in all of the additives for plastics, the biggest influence on gloss for packing; Second and plasticizer, stabilizer, and flame retardants, etc. , but less affected. The influence of filler filler effect on the gloss can be divided into the following several aspects: a, packing varieties different packing packing varieties of gloss, the influence of different. Besides glass beads almost all packing decreased filling products gloss, just different from decline. Several kinds of packing for filling filling products gloss effect size order is as follows: metal salt & gt; The glass fiber & lt; Talcum powder & lt; Mica b, the shape of the filler filler particles microscopic shape is different, have different influence on filling products gloss, the impact of the size of the order is: ball & lt; Granular & lt; Needle & lt; Flake c, filler in the granularity of the filler particle size is smaller, shake products gloss decreased little filling. In addition, the filler particle size distribution width size is different, have different effects on filling products gloss. The influence law is: the filler particle size distribution is wider, fill the products, the lower the surface gloss. This is mainly because the greater the difference packing size range, fill the product surface is uneven, incident light is more easy to produce diffuse reflection phenomenon. D, filled with the amount of the packing material of fill, fill products surface gloss reduction. CaCO3 filler PP system, for example, when 5% CaCO3 filler, filling products surface glossiness is 50%. When 15% CaCO3 filler, filling product gloss is reduced to 32%.
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