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High-speed pet blow molding machine is suitable for various bottle types

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-16
At present, the vast majority of tea beverages on the market use PET plastic bottles. Different from PET that generally holds mineral water, tea beverages need hot filling treatment, and the bottles are required to have good temperature resistance and high strength. Therefore, tea beverage packaging uses post-PET hot-filling bottles that have been heat-set by a blow molding machine. It is to improve the strength and temperature resistance of the bottle by increasing the crystallinity of the PET resin. Hot filling is relative to the traditional beverage processing technology. For non-carbonated beverages, the traditional production process is to fill preheated or cold products into bottles (cans), and then seal them according to a certain sterilization process. The formula is pasteurized or pasteurized and then cooled and dried to make the product. In hot filling, the product is first sterilized by UHT or HTST, and then filled at a temperature of 80°C to 95°C. After capping, the inner wall of the packaging container and the bottle cap are sterilized by the temperature of the product itself. In the 1980s, this process was widely used in the soft drink industry in foreign countries. In 1987, the output of hot-filled beverages in Japan exceeded that of cold-filled products. The hot filling process has the effect of high efficiency and energy saving, because all operations of the hot filling process are completed on the assembly line, which can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and manual operations, and maximize the preservation of product flavor and nutrition. Ingredients, because hot-fill beverages must be sterilized with HTST or UHT, the heating and cooling are rapid, and there is no secondary sterilization after sealing, so it can reduce the heating time of the product and reduce the thermal damage to flavor and nutrients. The second sterilization also reduces bottle breakage and cap jumping that occur in this process. The PET bottles they use are also very different from hot filling: the process requires PET bottles to withstand high temperatures above 92 degrees, so the PET bottles they use should have the following characteristics: bottle wall thickness, there are clear bottle wall ribs to prevent Heat shrinkage; the bottle mouth is crystallized, and the bottle mouth does not deform during the perfusion and cooling process; the bottle body and bottle mouth are required to be able to withstand high temperature (low heat shrinkage rate), so the quality requirements of the bottle and lid are very high; aseptic cold filling: The heat-resistant temperature is 60 degrees, and there is no requirement for high temperature resistance of the bottle and lid, so lightweight bottles and single-item lids can be used, so PET lightweight bottles and standard lids can be used. In comparison, aseptic cold filling The cost of packaging material for packaging greatly reduces the cost of bottles and caps compared to hot filling. Jiangsu Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, manufacture, production and sales of PET blow molding machines. After absorbing the new technology and design of Western Europe, we continue to innovate and specialize in the production of PET blow molding machine equipment and various auxiliary machines. The 4-cavity linear blow molding machine we produce can produce 8,000 bottles per hour, and the 8-cavity machine can reach a high output of 13,000 bottles per hour. It can be adapted to the production of a variety of different bottle types and can be carried out according to your special requirements. custom made. As your professional partner, with our mastered and core technologies and continuous innovation, we provide you with professional, comprehensive turnkey solutions. The professionally produced PET high-speed bottle blowing machine adopts energy-saving design, and the mechanical part has a compact and reasonable structure. This series of bottle blowing machines has a fault alarm and diagnosis system, which makes maintenance more convenient; the bottle blowing machine adopts an environmentally friendly design and is conveyed by a non-toxic conveyor belt. bottle embryo. Features of PET High Speed u200bu200bBlow Molding Machine 1. High production efficiency. 2. Patented preform loading device. 3. It is suitable for producing PET bottles with a capacity of less than 2L. Up to 5500-6000 bottles per hour. 4. Advanced PLC control system and touch panel with convenient operation. 5. The PLC system can store up to 30 sets of blowing parameters. 6. This series of blow molding machines has a reliable multi-sensor system to monitor the fully automatic function of the machine. 7. Special air storage unit equipment. 8. Precise infrared heating unit, the lamp tube is convenient to adjust the mechanical design. 9. The cooling system can provide good cooling effect. 10. Compact design saves space. 11. Simple installation and operation. With years of research and development, our equipment has been sold to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America and Europe and other markets. We always adhere to the concept of 'integrity, development, innovation, and win-winBesides valuable experience, we have received affirmation and trust from hunting customers.
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