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[Hebei bottle blowing machine] bottle blowing machine manufacturers, bottle blowing machine equipment prices

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-03
In the inland areas of the Central Plains of Hebei, the development of the machinery industry is not well-developed. Blow molding machines and blow molding machines are gradually increasing in Hebei. Hebei blow molding machine manufacturers mostly survive pe, pp and other plastic blow molding machines, mainly There are no manufacturers of automatic blow molding machines for plastic barrels, urea barrels, detergent, hand sanitizer and other pe plastic barrels, as well as for the production of mineral water bottles and beverage bottles. What are the characteristics of Hebei bottle blowing machine, how to choose Hebei bottle blowing machine and what is the price of Hebei bottle blowing machine equipment? The editor combines many years of blow molding machine promotion experience to share the price of Hebei blow molding machine equipment and Hebei blow molding machine manufacturers. Features of Hebei bottle blowing machine equipment:    1. High safety factor: no hidden danger of personal injury, avoiding the danger of semi-automatic manual bottle extraction, reducing the loss caused by accidents, and improving production efficiency. 2. Labor saving: machine single operation or single operation People operate multiple machines at the same time, saving 4 to 6 times the labor force.  3. The infrared lamp tube is used for heating, with strong penetrating power and uniform heating. The width and height of the reflector can be adjusted, which can be suitable for heating preforms of different structures. 4. With high sensitivity, fast switching speed, low failure rate, safe and reliable operation, the whole machine adopts an ultra-standard anti-vibration overall structure, which minimizes vibration when the machine is running at high speed, greatly extending the use of accessories life.  5. The air circuit design action and blowing are divided into two parts to meet the needs of blowing bottles and different air pressures, and to achieve high-pressure blowing products. A high-pressure bottle blowing exhaust recovery system can also be purchased, which can save 10-15% of the gas source. Hebei semi-automatic blow molding machine equipment price Hebei semi-automatic blow molding machine: semi-automatic blow molding machine work efficiency is low, the price is cheap, mostly below 50,000 Hebei automatic blow molding machine: the price of automatic blow molding machine is generally distinguished by the number of cavities The price of the bottle blowing machine. Generally, the price of a two-cavity bottle blowing machine is around 100,000, a four-cavity bottle blowing machine is around 200,000, and a six-cavity bottle blowing machine costs around 400,000. At the same time, according to the work of the bottle blowing machine The principle is different, such as hydraulic blow molding machine, pneumatic blow molding machine and servo all-electric blow molding machine, etc. The price difference is also increasing. Generally, the price of servo motor blow molding machine is relatively high. The above is the situation of the blow molding machine equipment produced by the Hebei blow molding machine manufacturer. The price of the blow molding machine increases according to the manufacturer’s technical capabilities and the difference in the number of cavities of the product. It is recommended that users choose more when choosing the Hebei blow molding machine manufacturer. Considerations.
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