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Faults and solutions during the blowing process of the blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-18
1. Light box water channel high temperature alarm. Treatment method: Disassemble the water channel connecting rubber pipe, use low pressure gas and alcohol to purge and clean the water channel. 2. Troubleshooting of gripper jaws: Adjust the height of the slide table, or the position of the gripper jaws. 3. Action stuck. Solution: Restart the machine. 4. How to deal with the origin that cannot be manually moved: Check whether the shifting one jaw, the second shifting jaw and the variable-pitch positioning plate are stuck to the corresponding positions. If not, manually make them stuck to the corresponding positions, and then the origin. 5. The action is not in place to deal with: check if something is stuck. Adjust the gas flow valve. 6. Excessive exhaust sound treatment method: check whether the high-pressure exhaust muffler is damaged or fallen off. 7. The treatment method of uneven embryo tract: adjust the position of the embryo bucket. The above are the faults and solutions in the blowing process of the blow molding machine.
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